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Ababaii, M. A., Gilani, N., & Pasikhani, J. V. (2023). Modification of Rice Husk with Ultrasound-Assisted Inorganic Treatment and Its Application for Catalytic Hydrogen Production. BioEnergy Research, 11 pages. External link

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Afifi, M., Tremblay, R., & Rogers, C. A. (2023). Design and Detailing Recommendations of Slotted-Hidden-Gap Connection for Square HSS Brace Members. Journal of Structural Engineering, 149(2), 23 pages. External link

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Andrés Contreras, C., Yniesta, S., & Aubertin, M. (2023). Improvement of Tailings Impoundment Seismic and Post-Seismic Stability Using Densification and Waste Rock Inclusions. External link

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