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Breumier, S., Villani, A., Maurice, C., Lévesque, M., & Kermouche, G. (2019). Effect of crystal orientation on indentation-induced residual stress field: Simulation and experimental validation. Materials & Design, 169. Available


Diouf Lewis, A., Farahani, R. D., Iervolino, F., Pierre, J., Abderrafai, Y., Lévesque, M., Piccirelli, N., & Therriault, D. (2022). Design and characterization of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK/PEI blends for Fused Filament Fabrication additive manufacturing. Materials Today Communications, 31, 103445. Restricted access

Delbergue, D., Texier, D., Lévesque, M., & Bocher, P. (2016, August). Comparison of two X-ray residual stress measurement methods: sin2 ψ and cos α, through the determination of a martensitic steel X-ray elastic constant [Paper]. 10th International Conference on Residual Stresses (ICRS10), Sydney, Australia (6 pages). Available

Dalir, H., Farahani, R. D., Nhim, V., Samson, B., Lévesque, M., & Therriault, D. (2012). Preparation of Highly Exfoliated Polyester–Clay Nanocomposites: Process–Property Correlations. Langmuir, 28(1), 791-803. Available


Faucheux, P. A., Gosselin, F., & Lévesque, M. (2018). Simulating shot peen forming with Eigenstrains. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 254, 135-144. Available

Farahani, R. D., Pahlavanpour, M., Dalir, H., Aïssa, B., Khakani, M. A. E., Lévesque, M., & Therriault, D. (2012). Manufacturing composite beams reinforced with three-dimensionally patterned-oriented carbon nanotubes through microfluidic infiltration. Materials & Design, 41, 214-225. Available

Farahani, R. D., Dalir, H., Le Borgne, V., Gautier, L. A., El Khakani, M. A., Lévesque, M., & Therriault, D. (2012). Reinforcing epoxy nanocomposites with functionalized carbon nanotubes via biotin–streptavidin interactions. Composites Science and Technology, 72(12), 1387-1395. Available

Farahani, R. D., Dalir, H., Le Borgne, V., Gautier, L. A., El Khakani, M. A., Lévesque, M., & Therriault, D. (2012). Direct-write fabrication of freestanding nanocomposite strain sensors. Nanotechnology, 23(8), 085502 (10 pages). Available

Farahani, R. D., Dalir, H., Aïssa, B., El Khakani, M. A., Lévesque, M., & Therriault, D. (2011). Micro-infiltration of three-dimensional porous networks with carbon nanotube-based nanocomposite for material design. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 42(12), 1910-1919. Available


Guérin, N., Lévesque, M., & Therriault, D. (2014). Helical dielectrophoretic particle separator fabricated by conformal spindle printing. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 7(9), 641-650. Available


Langot, J., Chávez‐Gómez, P., Lévesque, M., & Robert, É. (2022). Modeling the thermal decomposition and residual mass of a carbon fiber epoxy matrix composite with a phenomenological approach: Effect of the reaction scheme. Fire and Materials, 46(1), 262-276. Available

Lourdel, N., Therriault, D., & Lévesque, M. (2009). Identification of constitutive theory parameters using a tensile machine for deposited filaments of microcrystalline ink by the direct-write method. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 19(9), 095017 (7 pages). Available

Lévesque, M. (2000). L'essai de traction de matériaux composites unidirectionnels à fibres continues [Master's thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available


Moussaddy, H., Therriault, D., & Lévesque, M. (2013). Assessment of existing and introduction of a new and robust efficient definition of the representative volume element. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 50(24), 3817-3828. Available


Sosa-Rey, F., Abderrafai, Y., Diouf Lewis, A., Therriault, D., Piccirelli, N., & Lévesque, M. (2022). OpenFiberSeg: Open-source segmentation of individual fibers and porosity in tomographic scans of additively manufactured short fiber reinforced composites. Composites Science and Technology, 226, 109497 (13 pages). Restricted access


Trofimov, A., Le Pavic, J., Pautard, S., Therriault, D., & Lévesque, M. (2022). Experimentally validated modeling of the temperature distribution and the distortion during the Fused Filament Fabrication process. Additive Manufacturing, 54, 102693 (17 pages). Restricted access

Trofimov, A., Le-Pavic, J., Therriault, D., & Lévesque, M. (2021). An efficient multi-scale computation of the macroscopic coefficient of thermal expansion: Application to the resin transfer molding manufactured 3D woven composites. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 210-211, 162-169. Available

Trofimov, A., Le-Pavic, J., Ravey, C., Albouy, W., Therriault, D., & Lévesque, M. (2021). Multi-scale modeling of distortion in the non-flat 3D woven composite part manufactured using resin transfer molding. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 140, 106145 (19 pages). Available

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