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Abdelsalam, A. M., Elsheikh, A., David, J. P., & Langlois, J. M. P. (2019, October). POLYCiNN: Multiclass Binary Inference Engine using Convolutional Decision Forests [Paper]. 13th Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP 2019), Montréal, Qc, Canada. External link

Ali, M., Nabavi, M., Hassan, A., Honarparvar, M., Savaria, Y., & Sawan, M. (2019, December). A versatile SoC/SiP sensor interface for industrial applications: Design considerations [Paper]. 31st International Conference on Microelectronics (ICM 2019), Cairo, Egypt. External link

Ammar, M., Hamad, G. B., Mohamed, O. A., & Savaria, Y. (2019). Towards an Accurate Probabilistic Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Temporal Faults via Temporal Dynamic Fault-trees (TDFTs). IEEE Access, 7, 29264-29276. External link

AskariHemmat, M.H., Honari, S., Rouhier, L., Perone, C. S., Cohen-Adad, J., Savaria, Y., & David, J. P. (2019, October). U-net fixed-point quantization for medical image segmentation [Paper]. 1st International Workshop on Hardware Aware Learning for Medical Imaging and Computer Assisted Intervention (HAL-MICCAI 2019), Shenzhen, China. External link

Assaf, H., Savaria, Y., & Sawan, M. (2019, March). Memristor Emulators for an Adaptive DPE Algorithm: Comparative Study [Paper]. IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS 2019), Hsinchu, Taiwan. External link

Assi, E. B., Rihana, S., Nguyen, D. K., & Sawan, M. (2019). Effective connectivity analysis of iEEG and accurate localization of the epileptogenic focus at the onset of operculo-insular seizures. Epilepsy Research, 152, 42-51. External link

Aurora Dugo, A. T., Lefoul, J.-B., Göhring de Magalhães, F., Assal, D., & Nicolescu, G. (2019). Cache locking content selection algorithms for ARINC-653 compliant RTOS. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 18(5), 1-20. External link

Azizi, A., Tremblay, C. C., Gagne, K., & Martel, S. (2019). Using the fringe field of a clinical MRI scanner enables robotic navigation of tethered instruments in deeper vascular regions. Science Robotics, 4(36), eaax7342 (12 pages). External link


Benacer, I., Boyer, F.-R., & Savaria, Y. (2019). A high-speed, scalable, and programmable traffic manager architecture for flow-based networking. IEEE Access, 7, 2231-2243. Available

Benacer, I., Boyer, F.-R., & Savaria, Y. (2019). HPQS: A fast, high-capacity, hybrid priority queuing system for high-speed networking devices. IEEE Access, 7, 130672-130684. Available

Bensalem, H., Blaquiere, Y., & Savaria, Y. (2019, May). Toward in-system monitoring of OpenCL-based designs on FPGA [Paper]. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2019), Sapporo, Japan (5 pages). External link

Benyoussef, M., Thibeault, C., & Savaria, Y. (2019, May). A Prediction Model for Implementing DVS in Single-Rail Bundled-Data Handshake-Free Asynchronous Circuits [Paper]. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2019), Sapporo, Japan (5 pages). External link

Bilaniuk, O., Wagner, S., Savaria, Y., & David, J. P. (2019, May). Bit-slicing FPGA accelerator for quantized neural networks [Paper]. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2019), Sapporo, Japan (5 pages). External link

Boyogueno Bidias, S. P., David, J. P., Savaria, Y., & Plamondon, R. (2019, June). Combining Interval Arithmetic with the Branch and Bound Algorithm for Delta-lognormal Parameter Extraction [Paper]. International Conference of the International Graphonomics Society, Cancun, Mexico (5 pages). Unavailable


Chebli, R., Ali, M., & Sawan, M. (2019). High-CMRR Low-Noise Fully Integrated Front-End for EEG Acquisition Systems. Electronics, 8(10), 1157 (15 pages). External link


El-Sayegh, B., Sawan, M., & Dumoulin, C. (2019, September). The State of Pelvic Floor Muscle Dynamometry: a Critical Literature Review [Abstract]. 49th Annual Meeting of the International-Continence-Society (ICS 2019), Gothenburg, Sweden. Published in Neurourology and Urodynamics, 38(3). External link


Fiorentino, M., Thibeault, C., Savaria, Y., Gagnon, F., Awad, T., Morrissey, D., & Laurence, M. (2019, May). AnARM: a 28nm energy efficient ARM processor based on Octasic asynchronous technology [Paper]. 25th IEEE International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC 2019), Hirosaki, Japan. External link


Ghaffari, A., Leonardon, M., Cassagne, A., Leroux, C., & Savaria, Y. (2019). Toward high-performance implementation of 5G SCMA algorithms. IEEE Access, 7, 10402-10414. External link

Gharib, I., & Sawan, M. (2019, June). High-efficiency LED Driver for Short Fluorophores Lifetime Biosensing Applications [Paper]. 17th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS 2019), Munich, Germany (4 pages). External link


Hacene, G. B., Leduc-Primeau, F., Soussia, A. B., Gripon, V., & Gagnon, F. (2019, May). Training modern deep neural networks for memory-fault robustness [Paper]. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2019), Sapporo, Japan (5 pages). External link

Hassan, A., Ali, M., Savaria, Y., & Sawan, M. (2019). GaN-based LSK demodulators for wireless data receivers in high-temperature applications. Microelectronics Journal, 84, 129-135. Available

Hoque, K. A., Ait Mohamed, O., & Savaria, Y. (2019). Dependability modeling and optimization of triple modular redundancy partitioning for SRAM-based FPGAs. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 182, 107-119. External link


Leduc-Primeau, F., Hemati, S., Gaudet, V. C., & Gross, W. J. (2019). Stochastic Decoding of Error-Correcting Codes. In Gross, W. J., & Gaudet, V. C. (eds.), Stochastic Computing: Techniques and Applications (201-215). External link

Leonardon, M., Cassagne, A., Leroux, C., Jego, C., Hamelin, L.-P., & Savaria, Y. (2019). Fast and Flexible Software Polar List Decoders. Journal of Signal Processing Systems for Signal Image and Video Technology, 91(8), 937-952. External link

Li, N., Jiang, Y., Plantefeve, R., Michaud, F., Nosrati, Z., Tremblay, C., Saatchi, K., Hafeli, U. O., Kadoury, S., Moran, G., Joly, F., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2019). Magnetic Resonance Navigation for Targeted Embolization in a Two-Level Bifurcation Phantom. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 47(12), 2402-2415. External link

Li, N., Sawan, M., & Wang, L. (2019, November). An efficient adaptive online neural spikes detection and classification engine based on Bayesian inference [Paper]. 6th International Conference on Systems and Informatics (ICSAI 2019), Shanghai, China. External link


Machado, M. B., Nornberg, F., Sawan, M., Galup-Montoro, C., & Schneider, M. C. (2019). Analysis and design of the Dickson charge pump for sub-50 mV energy harvesting. Microelectronics Journal, 90, 253-259. External link

Michaud, F., Li, N., Plantefeve, R., Nosrati, Z., Tremblay, C., Saatchi, K., Moran, G., Bigot, A., Hafeli, U. O., Kadoury, S., Tang, A., Perreault, P., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2019). Selective embolization with magnetized microbeads using magnetic resonance navigation in a controlled-flow liver model. Medical Physics, 46(2), 789-799. External link

Montano, F., Ould-Bachir, T., Mahseredjian, J., & David, J. P. (2019, May). A Low-Latency Reconfigurable Multistage Interconnection Network [Paper]. IEEE Canadian Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2019), Edmonton, AB, Canada (4 pages). External link

Montazerijouibari, L., El Zarif, N., Trenholm, S., & Sawan, M. (2019). Optogenetic Stimulation for Restoring Vision to Patients Suffering from Retinal Degenerative Diseases: Current Strategies and Future Directions. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 13(6), 1792-1807. External link


Nabovati, G., Ghafar-Zadeh, E., Letourneau, A., & Sawan, M. (2019). Smart Cell Culture Monitoring and Drug Test Platform Using CMOS Capacitive Sensor Array. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 66(4), 1094-1104. External link

Noshahr, F. H., Nabavi, M., & Sawan, M. (2019, November). A 2.77 w, 80 ppm/C temperature coefficient voltage reference for biomedical implants [Paper]. 26th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS 2019), Genoa, Italy. External link


Riviello, A., & David, J. P. (2019, September). Binary speech features for keyword spotting tasks [Paper]. 20th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association: Crossroads of Speech and Language (INTERSPEECH 2019), Graz, Austria. External link


Saha, S., Burri, S., Bruschini, C., Charbon, E., Lesage, F., & Sawan, M. (2019, April). Time Domain NIRS Optode based on Null/Small Source-Detector Distance for Wearable Applications [Paper]. 40th Annual IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC 2019), Austin, TX, United states (8 pages). External link

Saha, S., Lu, Y., Lesage, F., & Sawan, M. (2019). Wearable SiPM-based NIRS Interface Integrated with Pulsed Laser Source. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 13(6), 1313-1323. External link

Saha, S., Sawan, M., & Lesage, F. (2019, April). Integrated CMOS TD-NIRS using 1.5D interposer technology [Paper]. Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences Congress 2019 (BODA, BRAIN, NTM, OMA, OMP), Tucson, Arizona. External link

Santiago Da Silva, J., Boyer, F.-R., & Langlois, J. M. P. (2019, April). Module-per-object: A human-driven methodology for c++-based high-level synthesis design [Paper]. 27th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM 2019), San Diego, CA, United states. External link

Stimpfling, T., Belanger, N., Langlois, J. M. P., & Savaria, Y. (2019). SHIP: a scalable high-performance IPv6 lookup algorithm that exploits prefix characteristics. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 27(4), 1529-1542. External link


Tamrin, M. O., Henwood, S., Dubois, J.-F., Brault, J.-J., Chidami, S., & Bassetto, S. (2019, June). Using deep learning approaches to overcome limited dataset issues within semiconductor domain [Paper]. 17th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS 2019), Munich, Germany (4 pages). External link

Trigui, A., Ali, M., Ammari, A. C., Savaria, Y., & Sawan, M. (2019). Energy Efficient Generic Demodulator for High Data Transmission Rate Over an Inductive Link for Implantable Devices. IEEE Access, 7, 159379-159389. External link

Trigui, A., Hached, S., Ammari, A., Savaria, Y., & Sawan, M. (2019). Maximizing Data Transmission Rate for Implantable Devices Over a Single Inductive Link: Methodological Review. IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, 12, 72-87. External link


Wang, Y., Aouina, A., Li, H., O' Connor, I., Nicolescu, G., & Le Beux, S. (2019). Thermal-Aware Design Method for Laser Group Control in Nanophotonic Interconnects. IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 27(3), 742-746. External link


Yang, F., Skripka, A., Tabatabaei, M. S., Hong, S. H., Ren, F., Benayas, A., Oh, J. K., Martel, S., Liu, X., Vetrone, F., & Ma, D. (2019). Multifunctional Self-Assembled Supernanoparticles for Deep-Tissue Bimodal Imaging and Amplified Dual-Mode Heating Treatment. ACS Nano, 13(1), 408-420. External link

Yang, F., Skripka, A., Tabatabaei, M. S., Hong, S. H., Ren, F., Huang, Y., Oh, J. K., Martel, S., Liu, X., Vetrone, F., & Ma, D. (2019). Magnetic Photoluminescent Nanoplatform Built from Large-Pore Mesoporous Silica. Chemistry of Materials, 31(9), 3201-3210. External link

Yaoumi, M., Leduc-Primeau, F., Dupraz, E., & Guilloud, F. (2019, August). Optimization of protograph LDPC codes based on high-level energy models [Paper]. 16th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, (ISWCS 2019), Oulu, Finland. External link

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