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Gaudet, S., De Keyser, K., Lambert-Milot, S., Jordan-Sweet, J., Detavernier, C., Lavoie, C., & Desjardins, P. (2013). Three dimensional reciprocal space measurement by x-ray diffraction using linear and area detectors: Applications to texture and defects determination in oriented thin films and nanoprecipitates. Journal of vacuum science and technology. A, Vacuum, surfaces, and films, 31(2). External link

Gaudet, S. (2011). L'impact de la texture sur la réaction en phase solide du Ni avec le Si [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Gaudet, S., Desjardins, P., & Lavoie, C. (2011). The thermally-induced reaction of thin Ni films with Si : Effect of the substrate orientation. Journal of Applied Physics, 110(11). External link

Gaudet, S., Coia, C., Desjardins, P., & Lavoie, C. (2010). Metastable phase formation during the reaction of Ni films with Si(001): The role of texture inheritance. Journal of Applied Physics, 107(9), 093515-093515. External link

Guihard, M., Turcotte-Tremblay, P., Gaudet, S., Coia, C., Roorda, S., Desjardins, P., Lavoie, C., & Schiettekatte, F. (2009). Controlling nickel silicide phase formation by Si implantation damage. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research. Section B, Beam Interactions With Materials and Atoms, 267(8-9), 1285-1289. External link

Gaudet, S., Detavernier, C., Kellock, A. J., Desjardins, P., & Lavoie, C. (2006). Thin film reaction of transition metals with germanium. Journal of vacuum science and technology. A, Vacuum, surfaces, and films, 24(3), 474-485. External link

Gaudet, S. (2005). Étude de la réaction de couches minces de métaux de transition avec le germanium pour leur application en microélectronique [Master's thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available


Knaepen, W., Gaudet, S., Detavernier, C., Van Meirhaeghe, R. L., Sweet, J. J., & Lavoie, C. (2009). In situ x-ray diffraction study of metal induced crystallization of amorphous germanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 105(8), 083532-083532. External link


Lambert-Milot, S., Gaudet, S., Lacroix, C., Ménard, D., Masut, R. A., Lavoie, C., & Desjardins, P. (2012). MnP nanoclusters embedded in GaP epitaxial films grown by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy: A reciprocal space mapping and transmission electron microscopy study. Journal of vacuum science and technology. A, Vacuum, surfaces, and films, 30(6), 22-22. External link


Pougoum, F., Martinu, L., Desjardins, P., Sapieha, J.-E., Gaudet, S., Savoie, S., & Schulz, R. (2016). Effect of high-energy ball-milling on the characteristics of Fe₃Al-based HVOF coatings containing boride and nitride phases. Wear, 358-359, 97-108. External link


Turcotte-Tremblay, P., Guihard, M., Gaudet, S., Chicoine, M., Lavoie, C., Desjardins, P., & Schiettekatte, F. (2013). Thin film Ni-Si solid-state reactions: Phase formation sequence on amorphized Si. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena, 31(5). External link


Zhang, Z., Yang, B., Zhu, Y., Gaudet, S., Rossnagel, S., Kellock, A. J., Ozcan, A., Murray, C., Desjardins, P., Zhang, S.-L., Jordan-Sweet, J., & Lavoie, C. (2010). Exploitation of a self-limiting process for reproducible formation of ultrathin Ni1-xPtx silicide films. Applied Physics Letters, 97(25), 252108-252108. External link

Zhang, Z., Zhang, S.-L., Yang, B., Zhu, Y., Rossnagel, S. M., Gaudet, S., Kellock, A. J., Jordan-Sweet, J., & Lavoie, C. (2010). Morphological stability and specific resistivity of sub-10 nm silicide films of Ni1-xPtx on Si substrate. Applied Physics Letters, 96(7), 071915-071915. External link

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