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Amor, L. B., Dessaint, L.- A., Akhrif, O., & Olivier, G. (1993). Adaptive feedback linearization for position control of a switched reluctance motor: Analysis and simulation. International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, 7(2), 117-136. External link

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Garnett, D. I., & Patience, G. S. (1993). Reply to: Why do Scale-up Power Laws Work? Chemical Engineering Progress, 89(12), 10 pages. Unavailable

Garnett, D. I., & Patience, G. S. (1993). Why do Scale-up Power Laws Work? Chemical Engineering Progress, 89(8), 76-78. Unavailable

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Shi, M. K., Lamontagne, B., Martinu, L., & Selmani, A. (1993). X-Ray-Induced Modification Of Metal Fluoropolymer Interfaces. Journal of Applied Physics, 74(3), 1744-1746. External link

Simard, Y., Marcotte, D., & Bourgault, G. (1993). Exploration of geostatistical methods for mapping and estimating acoustic biomass of pelagic fish in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: size of echo-integration unit and auxiliary environmental variables. [Exploration de méthodes géostatistiques pour cartographier et estimer la biomasse de poissons pélagiques mesuréee par écho-intégration dans le golfe du Saint-Laurent : taille de l'unité d'écho-intégration et incorporation de variables environnementales auxilliaires]. Aquatic Living Resources, 6(3), 185-199. External link

Talley, P. K., Sangster, J., Bale, C. W., & Pelton, A. (1993). Prediction of vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria and thermodynamic properties of multicomponent organic systems from optimized binary data using the Kohler method. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 85, 101-128. External link

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Tinawi, R., Sarrazin, M., & Filiatrault, A. (1993). Influence of soft clays on the response spectra for structures in eastern Canada. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 12(8), 469-477. External link

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