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Department of Chemical Engineering

Grace, J. R., Lim, C. J., Brereton, C. M. H., & Chaouki, J. (1987). Circulating fluidized bed reactor design and operation. Sadhana, 10(1), 35-48. External link

Grmela, M. (1987). Thermodynamics of a general ideal gas under shear. Physics Letters, 120(6), 276-280. External link

Grmela, M., & Ly, C. (1987). Shear flow induced structural changes in polymeric liquid crystals. Physics Letters, 120(6), 281-285. External link

Pelton, A., & Bale, C. W. (1987). Authors' reply : Legendre Polynomial Expansions of Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Solutions. Metallurgical Transactions A, 18(2), 354-354. External link

Talley, P. K., Bale, C. W., & Pelton, A. (1987). Simultaneous optimization of binary phase equilibrium and thermodynamic data for organic systems. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 26(9), 1774-1781. External link

Wu, R. L., Lim, C. J., Chaouki, J., & Grace, J. R. (1987). Heat transfer from a circulating fluidized bed to membrane waterwall surfaces. AICHE Journal, 33(11), 1888-1893. External link

Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

Ashkar, F., & Rousselle, J. (1987). Partial duration series modeling under the assumption of a Poissonian flood count. Journal of Hydrology, 90(1-2), 135-144. External link

El-Jabi, N., & Rousselle, J. (1987). A Flood Damage Model for Flood Plain Studies. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 23(2), 179-187. External link

McClure, G., & Tinawi, R. (1987). Mathematical modeling of the transient response of electric transmission lines due to conductor breakage. Computers & Structures, 26(1-2), 41-56. External link

Trottier, J., Gauthier, M., & Brown, A. C. (1987). Geology and lithogeochemistry of the huntingdon deposit, cyprus-type mineralization in the ophiolite belt of the southeastern Quebec appalachians. Economic Geology, 82(6), 1483-1504. External link

Zhang, H., & Kahawita, R. (1987). Discussion of “ Aggradation and Degradation of Alluvial‐Channel Beds ” by Wilson F. Jaramillo and Subhash C. Jain (August, 1984, Vol. 110, No. 8). Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 113(2), 272-273. External link

Department of Electrical Engineering

Beauregard, D., & Plamondon, R. (1987). Schematic coding on an IBM-PC. Journal of Microcomputer Applications, 10(2), 91-100. External link

Blaquiere, Y., & Savaria, Y. (1987). Area Overhead Analysis of SEF: A Design Methodology for Tolerating SEU. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 34(6), 1481-1486. External link

Bonneau, G., Tremblay, G., Savard, P., Guardo, R., LeBlanc, A. R., Cardinal, R., Pagé, P. L., & Nadeau, R. A. (1987). An Integrated System for Intraoperative Cardiac Activation Mapping. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 34(6), 415-23. External link

Ethier, M., Roy, G., Blondeau, P., & Mukhedkar, D. (1987). Discrete Algorithms for Residential Heating Strategies - An Application of Optimal Control Theory. IEEE Power Engineering Review, 7(5), 33-34. External link

Ethier, M., Roy, G., Blondeau, P., & Mukhedkar, D. (1987). Discrete Algorithms for Residential Heating Strategies an Application of Optimal Control Theory. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2(2), 257-263. External link

Gagne, S., & Plamondon, R. (1987). Open Tip Glass Microelectrodes: Conduction Through the Wall at the Tip. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, BME-34(1), 56-61. External link

Ghannouchi, F. M., & Bosisio, R. (1987). A new six-port calibration method using four standards and avoiding singularities. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, IM-36(4), 1022-1027. External link

Mailloux, G. E., Bleau, A., Bertrand, M., & Petitclerc, R. (1987). Computer Analysis of Heart Motion from Two-Dimensional Echocardiograms. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 34(5), 356-364. External link

Department of Engineering Physics

Andrianjohaninarivo, J., Wertheimer, M. R., & Yelon, A. (1987). Nucleation of Electrical Tress in Polyethylene. IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation, EI-22(6), 709-714. External link

Claude, R., Moisan, M., Wertheimer, M. R., & Zakrzewski, Z. (1987). Comparison of microwave and lower-frequency discharges for plasma polymerization. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 7(4), 451-464. External link

Faucher, G. (1987). Comments on the Lo/Lonc paper. American Journal of Physics, 55(7), 585-585. External link

Faucher, G. (1987). Missing citations. American Journal of Physics, 55(6), 490-490. External link

Gamez-Garcia, M., Bartnikas, R., & Wertheimer, M. R. (1987). Synthesis Reactions Involving XLPE Subjected to partial Discharges. IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation, EI-22(2), 199-205. External link

Gonthier, F., Lapierre, J., Veilleux, C., Lacroix, S., & Bures, J. (1987). Investigation of power oscillations along tapered monomode fibers. Applied Optics, 26(3), 444-9. External link

Lamontagne, B., Wrobel, A. M., Jalbert, G., & Wertheimer, M. R. (1987). Large-area microwave plasma etching of polyimide. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 20(7), 844-844. External link

Langlois, E. V., & Gagné, J. (1987). Optogalvanic detection of the Zeeman effect in a hollow-cathode discharge. Journal of The Optical Society of America B-optical Physics, 4(7), 1222-1222. External link

Leclerc, G., & Yelon, A. (1987). The Electrochemical Origin of Spontaneous Current and Voltage in Metal (1)‐Polymer‐Metal(2) Cells. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 134(6), 1395-1399. External link

Meunier, M., Flint, J. H., Haggerty, J. S., & Adler, D. (1987). Laser-induced chemical vapor deposition of hydrogenated amorphous silicon. I. Gas-phase process model. Journal of Applied Physics, 62(7), 2812-2812. External link

Morris, D., Teyssedou, A., Lapierre, J., & Tapucu, A. (1987). Optical fiber probe to measure local void fraction profiles. Applied optics, 26(21), 4660-4664. External link

Verreman, Y., Bailon, J.-P., & Masounave, J. (1987). Fatigue lift prediction of welded joints—a re-assessment. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 10(1), 17-36. External link

Verreman, Y., Bailon, J.-P., & Masounave, J. (1987). Fatigue of V-notched members: Short crack behavior and endurance limit. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 28(5-6), 773-783. External link

Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering

Lefebvre, M. (1987). LQG homing in two dimensions. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 32(7), 639-641. External link

Lefebvre, M. (1987). Optimal control of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, 24(1), 89-97. External link

Lefebvre, M. (1987). Optimal investment policy. International Journal of Systems Science, 18(1), 75-81. External link

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bernier, L., Pouliot, G., & MacLean, W. H. (1987). Geology and metamorphism of the montauban north gold zone: A metamorphosed polymetallic exhalative deposit, Grenville province, Quebec. Economic Geology, 82(8), 2076-2090. External link

Reggio, M., Agouzoul, M., & Camarero, R. (1987). Computation of incompressible turbulent flows by an opposed-differencing scheme. Numerical Heat Transfer, 12(3), 307-320. External link

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