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Aloise, D., & Contardo, C. (2018). A sampling-based exact algorithm for the solution of the minimax diameter clustering problem. Journal of Global Optimization, 71(3), 613-630. Available

Aloise, D., Damasceno, N. C., Mladenović, N., & Pinheiro, D. N. (2017). On strategies to fix degenerate k-means solutions. Journal of Classification, 34(2), 165-190. External link

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Bouchard, I., Rancourt, M.-E., Aloise, D., & Kalaitzis, F. (2022). On transfer learning for building damage assessment from satellite imagery in emergency contexts. Remote Sensing, 14(11), 29 pages. External link

Boucaud, L., Saunier, N., & Aloise, D. (2020, December). Soft Attention: Does it Actually Help to Learn Social Interactions in Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction? [Paper]. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 (NIPS 2020). External link

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Hulot, P., Aloise, D., & Jena, S. D. (2018, August). Towards Station-Level Demand Prediction for Effective Rebalancing in Bike-Sharing Systems [Paper]. 24th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining, London, UK. External link


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Rocha, D., Aloise, D., Aloise, D. J., & Contardo, C. (2022). Visual attractiveness in vehicle routing via bi-objective optimization. Computers & Operations Research, 137, 105507 (14 pages). Restricted access

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Rodrigues, I. M., Aloise, D., & Fernandes, E. R. (2022, May). FaST: A linear time stack trace alignment heuristic for crash report deduplication [Paper]. Mining Software Repositories Conference (MSR 2022), Pittsburgh, PA, USA. External link

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Silva, A., Aloise, D., Coelho, L. C., & Rocha, C. (2021). Heuristics for the dynamic facility location problem with modular capacities. European Journal of Operational Research, 290(2), 435-452. External link

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