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Augustin, A., Jouvet, P., Lahrichi, N., Lodi, A., & Rousseau, L.-M. (2020). A Data-driven approach to include availability of ICU beds in the planning of the operating room. (Technical Report n° CIRRELT-2020-10). External link


Boudreault, L., Jouvet, P., & Doyon-Poulin, P. (2022, November). Shared sensemaking and clinical decision-making in critical care from a SA-oriented dashboard [Paper]. 7th International Conference on Healthcare Systems Ergonomics and Patient Safety (HEPS 2022), Deft, The Netherlands. Restricted access

Boudreault, L., Hébert-Lavoie, M., Ung, K., Mahmoudi, C., Vu, Q. P., Jouvet, P., & Doyon-Poulin, P. (2023). Situation awareness-oriented dashboard in ICUs in support of resource management in time of pandemics. IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine, 11, 151-160. Available

Brossier, D., Flechelles, O., Sauthier, M., Engert, C., Chahir, Y., Emeriaud, G., Cheriet, F., Jouvet, P., & de Montigny, S. (2023). Evaluation of the SIMULRESP: A simulation software of child and teenager cardiorespiratory physiology. Pediatric Pulmonology, 58(10), 2832-2840. External link


François, T., Tabone, L., Levy, A., Seguin, L. A., Touré, T., Aubin, C.-É., Jouvet, P., & Luchette, F. A. (2020). Simulation-based rapid development and implementation of a novel barrier enclosure for use in COVID-19 patients : the splashGuard CG. Critical Care Research and Practice, 2020, 1-8. Available


Hébert-Lavoie, M., Ung, K., Boudreault, L., Mahmoudi, C., Vu, Q. P., Jouvet, P., & Doyon-Poulin, P. (2021, June). Remote Design of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Dashboard in Time of Pandemics [Paper]. 21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2021), Vancouver, Canada (8 pages). Available


Idei, M., Nomura, T., Jouvet, P., Aubin, C.-É., Kawaguchi, A., & Nakagawa, M. (2020). Video Laryngoscope Intubation With an Aerosol Barrier Device: A Randomized Sequential Crossover Pilot Study. Critical care explorations, 2(10), e0234 (4 pages). Available


Tabone, L., Rivest, D., Levy, A., Buyck, M., Jouvet, P., Aubin, C.-É., François, T., Robert, É., & Baudin, F. (2022). Prevention of submicron aerosolized particle dispersion: evaluation of an aerosol box using a pediatric simulation model. Experimental Lung Research, 48(9-10), 266-274. External link


Veillet, M.-P., Sauthier, M., Frigon, C., Ducruet, T., Jouvet, P., & Emeriaud, G. (2019). When the children control the ventilator, they adopt an appropriate ventilation with a strict control of blood pH. Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 16(12), 1585-1587. External link


Yahyatabar, M., Jouvet, P., & Cheriet, F. (2023). Joint classification and segmentation for an interpretable diagnosis of acute respiratory distress syndrome from chest x-rays. Journal of Medical Imaging, 10(5), 054504 (20 pages). External link

Yahyatabar, M., Jouvet, P., Fily, D., Rambaud, J., Levy, M., Khemani, R. G., & Cheriet, F. (2023). A Web-Based Platform for the Automatic Stratification of ARDS Severity. Diagnostics, 13(5), 16 pages. External link

Yahyatabar, M., Jouvet, P., & Cheriet, F. (2020, July). Dense-Unet: a light model for lung fields segmentation in Chest X-Ray images [Paper]. 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2020), Montréal, Qc, Canada. External link


Zaglam, N., Cheriet, F., & Jouvet, P. (2016). Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Chest Radiographs in Intensive Care. Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care, 5(3), 113-121. External link

Zaglam, N., Jouvet, P., Flechelles, O., Emeriaud, G., & Cheriet, F. (2014). Computer-aided diagnosis system for the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome from chest radiographs. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 52, 41-48. External link

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