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Antar, E., & Robert, É. (2024). Diffusive-thermal instabilities in unstrained H₂O-diluted syngas diffusion flames. Combustion and Flame, 261, 113313 (17 pages). Available

Antar, E., & Robert, É. (2024). Thermodynamic analysis of small-scale polygeneration systems producing natural gas, electricity, heat, and carbon dioxide from biomass. Energy, 290, 130278 (13 pages). Available

Antar, E., & Robert, É. (2023). Thermodynamic analysis of novel methanol polygeneration systems for greenhouses. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13(9), 8033-8046. Available

Antar, E., Delavande, J., & Robert, É. (2023). Experimental characterization of diffusive-thermal instabilities in CO₂-diluted H₂―CH₄―CO unstrained diffusion flames. Combustion and Flame, 250, 112636 (32 pages). Restricted access


Bédard, É., Ashok, V., Claveau-Mallet, D., Robert, É., & Silverwood, A. (2023, June). Impact of crossflow microsand filtration on particle removal in HVAC circuit [Paper]. ASHRAE annual Conference, Tampa, Florida. Unavailable

Bédard, É., Benoit, M.-È., Bourdin, T., Charron, D., Delisle, G., Daraîche, S., Gravel, S., Robert, É., Constant, P., Déziel, E., Quach, C., & Prévost, M. (2021, April). Implementation of a low-cost method to reduce bacterial load in patient room sink drains [Presentation]. In Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Spring 2021. Published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 1(S1). Available

Breumier, S., Trudeau-Lalonde, F., Lafrance, T., Robert, É., Villani, A., Kermouche, G., & Lévesque, M. (2021). Controlled single and repeated impact testing for material plastic behaviour characterisation under high strain rates. Strain, 57(6), 28 pages. External link

Benoit, M.-È., Prévost, M., Succar, A., Charron, D., Deziel, É., Robert, É., & Bédard, É. (2021). Faucet aerator design influences aerosol size distribution and microbial contamination level. Science of The Total Environment, 775. External link

Bourdin, T., Bédard, É., Benoit, M.-È., Prévost, M., Robert, É., Quach, C., Deziel, E., & Constant, P. (2020). Development of a New High-Throughput Multilocus Sequence Typing Method to Monitor Causative Agents of Nosocomial Infections. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 41(S1), S187-S187. External link

Béland, M., deChamplain, A., Kalla, S., & Robert, É. (2019, June). Scaling Methodology of the FAA Burner for Pre-Qualification Fire Tests of Aircraft Engine Panels [Paper]. ASME Turbo Expo 2019: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition, Phoenix, Arizona (11 pages). External link


Chavez-Gomez, P., Pelzmann, T., Hall, D. R., Chilian, C., Laberge Lebel, L., & Robert, É. (2022). Carbon fiber damage evolution under flame attack and the role of impurities. Fire and Materials, 47(2), 226-240. External link

Chávez-Gómez, P., Pelzmann, T., Zahlawi, J., Laberge Lebel, L., & Robert, É. (2022). Carbon fiber oxidation in combustion environments—Effect of flame chemistry and load on bundle failure. Materials Today Communications, 31, 103560. External link

Cardin, G. B., Rivest, D., Ayad, T., Robert, É., Rahal, A., & Christopoulos, A. (2022). Quantification and visualization of aerosols in ear, nose, and throat exam and flexible laryngoscopy. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology, 7(4), 963-969. External link

Chávez, P., Pelzmann, T., Robert, É., & Laberge Lebel, L. (2019, January). Evaluation of the fire resistance of protected carbon/epoxy laminates in small-scale experiments [Paper]. AIAA Scitech Forum, San Diego, California. External link

Chávez Gómez, P., Pelzmann, T., Langot, J., Robert, É., & Laberge Lebel, L. (2019, August). Fuel effect on the tensile strength evolution of carbon fibers under direct flame attack [Poster]. 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM 2019), Melbourne, Australia. External link


Dumas, B., Jobin, O., Kaprolat, W., Zahlawi, J., & Robert, É. (2023). Ignition delay and performance of sorbitol based hypergolic hybrid fuels. Fuel, 349, 10 pages. External link


Elzein, B., Jobin, O., & Robert, É. (2021). Reducing the Ignition Delay of Hypergolic Hybrid Rocket Fuels. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 37(1), 77-85. External link

Elzein, B., Xing, J., Jobin, O., & Robert, É. (2019, August). Combustion of aluminized solid propellants with bimodal oxidizer particle size distribution [Paper]. AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition, Indianapolis, IN, United states. External link

Elzein, B., Xing, J., Robert, É., & Montoya, N. (2017, April). Burning Characteristics of Aluminized Solid Rocket Propellants with Bimodal Oxidizer Size Distribution [Paper]. 2nd World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (J'Y 2017), Barcelona, Spain (2 pages). External link


Fattahi, K., Robert, É., & Boffito, D. C. (2022). Numerical and experimental investigation of the cavitation field in horn-type sonochemical reactors. Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification, 182, 109186 (12 pages). External link


Goupil, V., Gaya, C., Boisard, A., & Robert, É. (2022). Effect of the heating rate on the degassing and combustion of cylindrical Li-Ion cells. Fire Safety Journal, 133, 103648 (12 pages). External link

Ghazi-Hesami, S., Wise, D., Taylor, K., Ireland, P., & Robert, É. (2022). Heat Transfer And Pressure Drop Of An Angled Discrete Turbulator At Elevated Reynolds Numbers Up To 900,000. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 14(7), 29 pages. External link

Ghazi-Hesami, S., Wise, D., Taylor, K., Robert, É., & Ireland, P. (2022). Heat Transfer Coefficient Distribution of W and Broken W Turbulators At High Reynolds Numbers. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 14(7), 29 pages. External link

Gnessougou, S.-O., Poulin, N., Castanedo, C. I., Maldague, X., Champlain, A. , & Robert, É. (2018, June). Thermal diffusivity measurements with flash method at different depths in a burned composite material [Paper]. 14th Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Conference, Berlin, Germany. External link


Imani, R. J., Ladhani, L., Pardon, G., van der Wijngaart, W., & Robert, É. (2019). The influence of air flow velocity and particle size on the collection efficiency of passive electrostatic aerosol samplers. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 19(2), 195-203. External link

Imani, R. J., & Robert, É. (2017). Estimation of acoustic forces on submicron aerosol particles in a standing wave field. Aerosol Science and Technology, 52(1), 57-68. External link

Imani, R. J., & Robert, É. (2015). Acoustic separation of submicron solid particles in air. Ultrasonics, 63, 135-140. External link

Imani Jajarmi, R., & Robert, É. (2014). Characterization of the mean force on sub-micron particles in a standing wave field. Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 59. Unavailable


Jobin, O., Dumas, B., Zahlawi, J., Chartray-Pronovost, M., & Robert, É. (2023). Hypergolic ignition of paraffin-based hybrid rocket fuels by sprays of liquid oxidizer. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 39(4), 5073-5082. External link

Jobin, O., Mottillo, C., Titi, H. M., Marrett, J. M., Arhangelskis, M., Rogers, R. D., Elzein, B., Friscic, T., & Robert, É. (2022). Metal-organic frameworks as hypergolic additives for hybrid rockets. Chemical Science, 13(12), 3424-3436. External link


Lefebvre, X., Bédard, É., Prévost, M., & Robert, É. (2023, November). Evaporation dynamics of airborne water-based droplets with contaminants [Abstract]. 76th annual Meeting of Division of Fluid Dynamics, Washington, DC, USA. External link

Laberge Lebel, L., Chavez Gomez, P. J., Richer, A., Robert, É., & Hamp, J. (2022). Fire protection structure. [Structure de protection contre les incendies]. (Patent Application no. US20220282672). External link

Langot, J., Chávez‐Gómez, P., Lévesque, M., & Robert, É. (2022). Modeling the thermal decomposition and residual mass of a carbon fiber epoxy matrix composite with a phenomenological approach: Effect of the reaction scheme. Fire and Materials, 46(1), 262-276. Available

Langot, J., Pelzmann, T., Chavez-Gomez, P., Boanta, C. S., Karsten, J., Fiedler, B., Lévesque, M., & Robert, É. (2021). Multi-physics modeling of the ignition of polymer matrix composites (PMCs) exposed to fire. Fire Safety Journal, 122, 18 pages. External link

Lessard, F., Boanta, C., Dubé, M., Laberge Lebel, L., & Robert, É. (2019, August). Impact of cellulose filaments on interlaminar properties, flammability and thermal degradation behavior of polymer matrix composites [Poster]. 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM 2019), Melbourne, Australia. External link

Lettry, J., Fabich, A., Gilardoni, S., Benedikt, M., Farhat, M., & Robert, É. (2003). Thermal shocks and magnetohydrodynamics in high power mercury jet targets. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 29(8), 1621-1621. External link


Musavi, Z., Zhang, Y., Robert, É., & Engvall, K. (2022). Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow Field and Soot Particle Size Distribution of Methane-Containing Gas Mixtures in a Swirling Burner. ACS Omega, 7(1), 469-479. External link


Pelzmann, T., Dupont, F., Saute, B., & Robert, É. (2023). Two-color pyrometry for backface temperature and emissivity measurement of burning materials. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 184, 107894 (14 pages). External link

Pelzmann, T., & Robert, É. (2022). Dataset of temperature, heat flux and infrared emission from flat premixed laminar methane-air flames. Data in Brief, 42, 9 pages. External link

Perreault, P., Robert, É., & Patience, G. S. (2019). Experimental methods in chemical engineering: Mass spectrometry-MS. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 97(5), 1036-1042. External link


Rivest, D., Antar, E., & Robert, É. (2023). Techno-economic assessment of a biomass gasification-based polygeneration system for greenhouses. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 60, 103535 (10 pages). External link

Robert, É., & Thomas, M. (2015, June). Numerical Investigation of a Confined Jet Array Penetrating into a Counterflow [Paper]. 5th International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows (ICJWSF 2015), Stockholm, Sweden. External link

Robert, É., Olofsson, N.-E., Bladh, H., Johnsson, J., & Bengtsson, P.-E. (2015). Soot formation in unstrained diffusion flames. Combustion Science and Technology, 187(4), 577-593. External link

Robert, É., Jajarmi, R. I., Pettersson, J., & Engvall, K. (2013, June). Acoustic separation of sub-micron particles in gases [Paper]. 21st International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2013), Montréal, Québec. Published in Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, 19(1). External link

Robert, É., & Monkewitz, P. A. (2013). Experimental realization and characterization of unstretched planar one-dimensional diffusion flames. Combustion and Flame, 160(3), 546-556. External link

Robert, É., Jajarmi, R. I., Steibel, M., & Engvall, K. (2012). Acoustophoresis in gases : Effect of turbulence and geometrical parameters on separation efficiency. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 132(3), 1928-1928. External link

Robert, É., & Monkewitz, P. A. (2012). Thermal-diffusive instabilities in unstretched, planar diffusion flames. Combustion and Flame, 159(3), 1228-1238. External link

Robert, É. (2010). Mass spectrometer calibration over wide concentration ranges in multicomponent gas mixtures. Measurement science and technology, 21(2), 12 pages. External link

Robert, É. (2009). Experimental investigation of unstrained diffusion flames and their instabilities [Ph.D. Thesis, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne]. External link

Robert, É., & Monkewitz, P. A. (2009). Experiments in a novel quasi-1D diffusion flame with variable bulk flow. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 32(1), 987-994. External link

Robert, É., Lettry, J., Farhat, M., Monkewitz, P. A., & Avellan, F. (2007). Cavitation bubble behavior inside a liquid jet. Physics of Fluids, 19(6). External link


Succar, A., Lefebvre, X., Prévost, M., Bédard, É., & Robert, É. (2023). Characterization of the aerosol produced from an aerated jet. Water Research, 229, 119432 (15 pages). External link


Tabone, L., Rivest, D., Levy, A., Buyck, M., Jouvet, P., Aubin, C.-É., François, T., Robert, É., & Baudin, F. (2022). Prevention of submicron aerosolized particle dispersion: evaluation of an aerosol box using a pediatric simulation model. Experimental Lung Research, 48(9-10), 266-274. External link

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