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Lemoine, É., Neves Briard, J., Rioux, B., Gharbi, O., Podbielski, R., Nauche, B., Toffa, D., Keezer, M., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Bou Assi, E. (2024). Computer-assisted analysis of routine EEG to identify hidden biomarkers of epilepsy: A systematic review. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 24, 66-86. External link

Lemoine, É., Briard, J. N., Rioux, B., Podbielski, R., Nauche, B., Toffa, D. H., Keezer, M. R., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Assi, E. B. (2023). Computer-assisted analysis of routine electroencephalogram to identify hidden biomarkers of epilepsy: Protocol for a systematic review. BMJ Open, 13(1), e066932 (6 pages). Available

Bou Assi, E., Schindler, K., de Bézenac, C., Denison, T., Desai, S., Keller, S. S., Lemoine, É., Rahimi, A., Shoaran, M., & Rummel, C. (2023). From Basic Sciences and Engineering to Epileptology: A Translational Approach. Epilepsia, 37 pages. External link

Lemoine, É., Toffa, D., Pelletier-Mc Duff, G., Xu, A. Q., Jemel, M., Tessier, J.-D., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Bou Assi, E. (2023). Machine-learning for the prediction of one-year seizure recurrence based on routine electroencephalography. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 13 pages. Available

Dallaire, F., Picot, F., Tremblay, J.-P., Sheehy, G., Lemoine, É., Agarwal, R., Kadoury, S., Trudel, D., Lesage, F., Petrecca, K., & Leblond, F. (2020). Quantitative spectral quality assessment technique validated using intraoperative in vivo Raman spectroscopy measurements. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 25(4). Available

Depaoli, D., Lemoine, É., Ember, K., Parent, M., Prud'Homme, M., Cantin, L., Petrecca, K., Leblond, F., & Cote, D. C. (2020). Rise of Raman spectroscopy in neurosurgery: A review. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 25(5), 36 pages. External link

Desroches, J., Lemoine, É., Pinto, M., Marple, E., Urmey, K., Diaz, R., Guiot, M.-C., Wilson, B. C., Petrecca, K., & Leblond, F. (2019). Development and first in-human use of a Raman spectroscopy guidance system integrated with a brain biopsy needle. Journal of Biophotonics, 12(3), e201800396 (7 pages). External link

Lemoine, É., Dallaire, F., Yadav, R., Agarwal, R., Kadoury, S., Trudel, D., Guiot, M.-C., Petrecca, K., & Leblond, F. (2019). Feature engineering applied to intraoperative in vivo Raman spectroscopy sheds light on molecular processes in brain cancer: a retrospective study of 65 patients. Analyst, 144(22), 6517-6532. External link


Lemoine, É., Toffa, D. H., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Assi, E. B. (2023, April). Predicting Seizure Freedom through Computational Processing of Routine EEG [Abstract]. 2023 Annual Meeting Abstracts (3 pages). Published in Neurology, 100(17, suppl). External link

Lemoine, É., Tessier, J.-D., Pelletier-Mc Duff, G., Robert, M., Toffa, D., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Assi, E. B. Entropy on routine EEG: a fingerprint of recent seizure activity? [Abstract]. 34th International Epilepsy Congress (1 page). Published in Epilepsia, 62(S3). External link


Picot, F., Sheehy, G., Dallaire, F., Tremblay, J.-P., Daoust, F., Lemoine, É., Chaikho, L., Bégin, T., Petrecca, K., Kadoury, S., Leblond, F., Elson, D. S., Gioux, S., & Pogue, B. W. (2020, April). Data compatibility across point probe Raman spectroscopy systems and its impact on statistical models portability (Conference Presentation) [Presentation]. In Clinical Biophotonics 2020. External link

Master's thesis

Lemoine, É. (2020). A New Representation for Spectral Data Applied to Raman Spectroscopy of Brain Cancer [Master's thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available

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