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Lemoine, É., Neves Briard, J., Rioux, B., Gharbi, O., Podbielski, R., Nauche, B., Toffa, D., Keezer, M., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Bou Assi, E. (2024). Computer-assisted analysis of routine EEG to identify hidden biomarkers of epilepsy: A systematic review. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 24, 66-86. External link

Lemoine, É., Briard, J. N., Rioux, B., Podbielski, R., Nauche, B., Toffa, D. H., Keezer, M. R., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Assi, E. B. (2023). Computer-assisted analysis of routine electroencephalogram to identify hidden biomarkers of epilepsy: Protocol for a systematic review. BMJ Open, 13(1), e066932 (6 pages). Available

Bou Assi, E., Schindler, K., de Bézenac, C., Denison, T., Desai, S., Keller, S. S., Lemoine, É., Rahimi, A., Shoaran, M., & Rummel, C. (2023). From Basic Sciences and Engineering to Epileptology: A Translational Approach. Epilepsia, 37 pages. External link

Lemoine, É., Toffa, D., Pelletier-Mc Duff, G., Xu, A. Q., Jemel, M., Tessier, J.-D., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Bou Assi, E. (2023). Machine-learning for the prediction of one-year seizure recurrence based on routine electroencephalography. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 13 pages. Available

Lemoine, É., Toffa, D. H., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Assi, E. B. (2023, April). Predicting Seizure Freedom through Computational Processing of Routine EEG [Abstract]. 2023 Annual Meeting Abstracts (3 pages). Published in Neurology, 100(17, suppl). External link

Lemoine, É., Tessier, J.-D., Pelletier-Mc Duff, G., Robert, M., Toffa, D., Lesage, F., Nguyen, D. K., & Assi, E. B. Entropy on routine EEG: a fingerprint of recent seizure activity? [Abstract]. 34th International Epilepsy Congress (1 page). Published in Epilepsia, 62(S3). External link

Dallaire, F., Picot, F., Tremblay, J.-P., Sheehy, G., Lemoine, É., Agarwal, R., Kadoury, S., Trudel, D., Lesage, F., Petrecca, K., & Leblond, F. (2020). Quantitative spectral quality assessment technique validated using intraoperative in vivo Raman spectroscopy measurements. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 25(4). Available

Lemoine, É. (2020). A New Representation for Spectral Data Applied to Raman Spectroscopy of Brain Cancer [Master's thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available

Picot, F., Sheehy, G., Dallaire, F., Tremblay, J.-P., Daoust, F., Lemoine, É., Chaikho, L., Bégin, T., Petrecca, K., Kadoury, S., Leblond, F., Elson, D. S., Gioux, S., & Pogue, B. W. (2020, April). Data compatibility across point probe Raman spectroscopy systems and its impact on statistical models portability (Conference Presentation) [Presentation]. In Clinical Biophotonics 2020. External link

Depaoli, D., Lemoine, É., Ember, K., Parent, M., Prud'Homme, M., Cantin, L., Petrecca, K., Leblond, F., & Cote, D. C. (2020). Rise of Raman spectroscopy in neurosurgery: A review. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 25(5), 36 pages. External link

Desroches, J., Lemoine, É., Pinto, M., Marple, E., Urmey, K., Diaz, R., Guiot, M.-C., Wilson, B. C., Petrecca, K., & Leblond, F. (2019). Development and first in-human use of a Raman spectroscopy guidance system integrated with a brain biopsy needle. Journal of Biophotonics, 12(3), e201800396 (7 pages). External link

Lemoine, É., Dallaire, F., Yadav, R., Agarwal, R., Kadoury, S., Trudel, D., Guiot, M.-C., Petrecca, K., & Leblond, F. (2019). Feature engineering applied to intraoperative in vivo Raman spectroscopy sheds light on molecular processes in brain cancer: a retrospective study of 65 patients. Analyst, 144(22), 6517-6532. External link

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