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Cicoira, F., Leifer, K., Hoffmann, P., Utke, I., Dwir, B., Laub, D., Buffat, P. A., Kapon, E., & Doppelt, P. (2004). Electron beam induced deposition of rhodium from the precursor [RhCl(PF3)2]2: Morphology, structure and chemical composition. Journal of Crystal Growth, 265(3-4), 619-626. External link


Hoffmann, P., Utke, I., & Cicoira, F. (2002, June). Limits of 3-D nanostructures fabricated by focused electron beam (FEB) induced deposition [Paper]. 10th International Symposium on Nanostructures: Physics and Technology, USA. External link

Hoffmann, P., Utke, I., Jaenchen, G., Cicoira, F., & Rohner, J. (2002). Focused electron beam deposition of one-, two-, and three-dimensional nano-structures for biological applications. European Cells and Materials, 2(supp. 1), 91-92. Unavailable

Hoffmann, P., Utke, I., Cicoira, F., Dwir, B., Leifer, K., Kapon, E., & Doppelt, P. (2000, April). Focused electron beam induced deposition of gold and rhodium [Paper]. Materials Development for Direct Write Technologies (Symposium V), Warrendale, PA, USA. External link


Luisier, A., Utke, I., Bret, T., Cicoira, F., Hauert, R., Rhee, S. W., Doppelt, P., & Hoffmann, P. (2005). Comparative study of cu-precursors for 3D focused electron beam induced deposition. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 152(9), C590-C593. External link


Utke, I., Cicoira, F., Jaenchen, G., Hoffmann, P., Scandella, L., Dwir, B., Kapon, E., Laub, D., Buffat, P., Xanthopoulos, N., & Mathieu, H. J. (2001, November). Focused electron beam induced deposition of high resolution magnetic scanning probe tips [Paper]. Making Functional Materials with Nanotubes (Symposium Z), Boston, MA, United states. External link

Utke, I., Dwir, B., Leifer, K., Cicoira, F., Doppelt, P., Hoffmann, P., & Kapon, E. (1999, September). Electron beam induced deposition of metallic tips and wires for microelectronics applications [Paper]. 25th International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Engineering. Published in Microelectronic Engineering, 53(1-4). External link

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