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Caron, M., Scherer, K., Zabeida, O., Martinu, L., Sapieha, J.-E., & Schmitt, T. (2018). Ophthalmic lens having increased resistance to hot and humid environment. (Patent Application no. WO2018036963). External link


De Denus-Baillargeon, M.-M., Schmitt, T., Larouche, S., & Martinu, L. (2014). Design and fabrication of stress-compensated optical coatings : Fabry-Perot filters for astronomical applications. Applied Optics, 53(12), 2616-2624. External link


Elhadi, A., Bouchoucha, A., Jomaa, W., Zedan, Y., Schmitt, T., & Bocher, P. (2016). Study of surface wear and damage induced by dry sliding of tempered AISI 4140 steel against hardened AISI 1055 steel. Tribology in Industry, 38(4), 475-485. Available


Herrera-Jimenez, E. J., Bousser, É., Schmitt, T., Sapieha, J.-E., & Martinu, L. (2021). Effect of plasma interface treatment on the microstructure, residual stress profile, and mechanical properties of PVD TiN coatings on Ti-6Al-4V substrates. Surface and Coatings Technology, 413, 13 pages. External link

Herrera-Jimenez, E. J., Vanderesse, N., Bousser, É., Schmitt, T., Bocher, P., Martinu, L., & Sapieha, J.-E. (2021). Fracture mechanism of TiN coatings on Ti-6Al-4V substrates: Role of interfaces and of the residual stress depth profile. Surface and Coatings Technology, 426, 12 pages. External link


Khelfaoui, F., Vernhes, L., Lsbitsky, S., Rene, R., Schmitt, J., & Schmitt, T. (2019, October). Advanced ultra-supercritical valve development program [Paper]. 9th ERPI International Conference on Advances in High-Temperature Materials Technology for Fossil Power Plants and 2nd International 123HiMAT Conference on High-Temperature Materials, Nagasaki, Japan. External link

Kohout, J., Qian, J., Schmitt, T., Vernhes, R., Zabeida, O., Sapieha, J.-E., & Martinu, L. (2017). Hard AlN films prepared by low duty cycle magnetron sputtering and by other deposition techniques. Journal of vacuum science and technology. A, Vacuum, surfaces, and films, 35(6), 9 pages. External link

Kohout, J., Schmitt, T., Vernhes, R., Zabeida, O., Sapieha, J.-E., & Martinu, L. (2016, June). Durable AlN and Al2O3optical films deposited by low duty cycle pulsed magnetron sputtering [Paper]. Optical Interference Coatings (OIC 2016), Tucson, AZ, United states. External link

Kohout, J., Bousser, É., Schmitt, T., Vernhes, R., Zabeida, O., Sapieha, J.-E., & Martinu, L. (2016). Stable reactive deposition of amorphous Al₂O₃ films with low residual stress and enhanced toughness using pulsed dc magnetron sputtering with very low duty cycle. Vacuum, 124, 96-100. External link


Paquet, C., Schmitt, T., Sapieha, J.-E., Morin, J.-F., & Landry, V. (2020). Self-healing UV curable acrylate coatings for wood finishing system, part 1: impact of the formulation on self-healing efficiency. Coatings, 10(8), 770 (19 pages). Available

Poirie, T., Schmitt, T., Martinu, L., Sapieha, J.-E., Scherer, K., Trottier-Lapointe, W., & Dehoux, A. (2018). Article comprising a nanolaminate coating. (Patent Application no. WO2018065595). External link

Poirié, T., Schmitt, T., Bousser, É., Vernhes, R., Martinu, L., & Sapieha, J.-E. (2017). Hybrid organic/inorganic nanolaminate structures with enhanced tribo-mechanical properties for optical applications. Surface and Coatings Technology, 315, 399-407. External link

Poirié, T., Schmitt, T., Bousser, É., Martinu, L., & Sapieha, J.-E. (2017). Influence of internal stress in optical thin films on their failure modes assessed by in situ real-time scratch analysis. Tribology International, 109, 355-366. External link

Pougoum, F., Schmitt, T., Martinu, L., Sapieha, J.-E., Savoie, S., & Schulz, R. (2017). Wear behavior of Fe₃Al-TiN-TiB₂ HVOF coatings: A comparative study between in situ and ex situ powder processing routes. Ceramics International, 43(11), 8040-8050. External link


Qian, J., Schmitt, T., Baloukas, B., Kosik-Williams, C. A., Price, J. J., Null, E. L., Paulson, C. A., Sapieha, J.-E., & Martinu, L. (2019). In situ tribometry with real-time imaging for assessing durability and wear mechanisms of easy-to-clean coatings on glass for touchscreen substrates. Displays, 57, 47-54. External link


Trottier-Lapointe, W., Zabeida, O., Martinu, L., Schmitt, T., & Scherer, K. (2017). Article comportant une couche de nature organique-inorganique de bas indice de refraction obtenue par depot a angle oblique. (Patent Application no. WO2017194871). External link


Vernhes, L., Azzi, M., Bousser, É., Sapieha, J.-E., Schmitt, T., & Lamarre, J. M. (2016). Hybrid Co-Cr/W-WC and Ni-W-Cr-B/W-WC coating systems. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 25(1-2), 346-356. External link


Wu, Y., Schmitt, T., Bousser, É., Khelfaoui, F., Najarian, V., Sapieha, J.-E., & Brochu, M. (2020). Effects of interfacial microstructure on mechanical properties of Stellite-hardfaced coating during long-term aging. Surface and Coatings Technology, 398, 11 pages. External link

Wu, Y., Schmitt, T., Bousser, É., Vernhes, L., Khelfaoui, F., Perez, G., Sapieha, J.-E., & Brochu, M. (2020). Microstructural and mechanical characterization of Stellite-hardfaced coatings with two types of buffer layers. Surface and Coatings Technology, 390, 11 pages. External link

Wu, Y., Bousser, É., Schmitt, T., Tarfa, N., Khelfaoui, F., Rene, R., Sapieha, J.-E., & Brochu, M. (2019). Thermal stability of a Stellite/steel hardfacing interface during long-term aging. Materials Characterization, 154, 181-192. External link


Zabeida, O., Schmitt, T., Sapieha, J.-E., Martinu, L., & Scherer, K. (2017). Article having optimised thermomechanical properties, comprising a layer of titano-organic nature. (Patent Application no. US20170052285). External link

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