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Béland, L. K., Anahory, Y., Smeets, D., Guihard, M., Brommer, P., Joly, J.-F., Pothier, J.-C., Lewis, L. J., Mousseau, N., & Schiettekatte, F. (2013). Replenish and Relax: Explaining Logarithmic Annealing in Ion-Implanted c-Si. Physical Review Letters, 111(10), 105502 (5 pages). External link


Dion, C., Desjardins, P., Schiettekatte, F., Chicoine, M., Poole, P. J., & Raymond, S. (2006). Tuning the Electronic Properties of Self-Assembled InAs/InP(001) Quantum Dots. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2006-02(26), 1269-1269. External link


Kallel, H., Mousseau, N., & Schiettekatte, F. (2010). Evolution of the Potential-Energy Surface of Amorphous Silicon. Physical Review Letters, 105(4), 045503 (4 pages). External link


Lussier, A. W., Bourbonnais-Sureault, D., Chicoine, M., Martel, R., Martinu, L., Roorda, S., & Schiettekatte, F. (2024). Raman-based mapping and depth-profiling of the relaxation state in amorphous silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 135(6), 065301 (12 pages). External link

Lussier, A. W., Lalande, É., Chicoine, M., Lévesque, C., Roorda, S., Baloukas, B., Martinu, L., Vajente, G., Ananyeva, A., & Schiettekatte, F. (2021, October). Hydrogen concentration and mechanical dissipation upon annealing in zirconia-doped tantala thin films for gravitational wave observatory mirrors [Paper]. 25th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis and 17th International Conference on Particle Induce X-Ray Emission (IBA-PIXE 2021) and 23rd International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS 2021) (7 pages). Published in Journal of Physics, 2326. Available

Lalande, É., Lussier, A. W., Lévesque, C., Ward, M., Baloukas, B., Martinu, L., Vajente, G., Billingsley, G., Ananyeva, A., Bassiri, R., Fejer, M. M., & Schiettekatte, F. (2021). Zirconia-titania-doped tantala optical coatings for low mechanical loss Bragg mirrors. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 39(4), 8 pages. External link


Turcotte-Tremblay, P., Guihard, M., Gaudet, S., Chicoine, M., Lavoie, C., Desjardins, P., & Schiettekatte, F. (2013). Thin film Ni-Si solid-state reactions: Phase formation sequence on amorphized Si. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena, 31(5). External link

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