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Li, N., Tous, C., Dimov, I. P., Cadoret, D., Fei, P., Majedi, Y., Lessard, S., Nosrati, Z., Saatchi, K., Hafeli, U., Tang, A., Kadoury, S., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2022). Quantification and 3D localization of magnetically navigated superparamagnetic particles using MRI in phantom and swine chemoembolization models. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 69(8), 2616-2627. External link

Li, N., Jiang, Y., Plantefeve, R., Michaud, F., Nosrati, Z., Tremblay, C., Saatchi, K., Hafeli, U. O., Kadoury, S., Moran, G., Joly, F., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2019). Magnetic Resonance Navigation for Targeted Embolization in a Two-Level Bifurcation Phantom. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 47(12), 2402-2415. External link

Li, N., Michaud, F., Nosrati, Z., Loghin, D., Tremblay, C., Plantefeve, R., Saatchi, K., Hafeli, U., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2018). MRI-compatible injection system for magnetic microparticle embolization. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 66(8), 2331-2340. External link


Michaud, F., Li, N., Plantefeve, R., Nosrati, Z., Tremblay, C., Saatchi, K., Moran, G., Bigot, A., Hafeli, U. O., Kadoury, S., Tang, A., Perreault, P., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2019). Selective embolization with magnetized microbeads using magnetic resonance navigation in a controlled-flow liver model. Medical Physics, 46(2), 789-799. External link


Nosrati, Z., Li, N., Michaud, F., Ranamukhaarachchi, S., Karagiozov, S., Soulez, G., Martel, S., Saatchi, K., & Hafeli, U. O. (2018). Development of a coflowing device for the size-controlled preparation of magnetic-polymeric microspheres as embolization agents in magnetic resonance navigation technology. ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 4(3), 1092-1102. External link


Tous, C., Li, N., Dimov, I. P., Kadoury, S., Tang, A., Hafeli, U. O., Nosrati, Z., Saatchi, K., Moran, G., Couch, M. J., Martel, S., Lessard, S., & Soulez, G. (2021). Navigation of Microrobots by MRI: Impact of Gravitational, Friction and Thrust Forces on Steering Success. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 49(12), 3724-3736. External link

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