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Super-tunable, broadband up-conversion of a high-power CW laser in an engineered nonlinear crystal

Ameneh Bostani, Amirhossein Tehranchi and Raman Kashyap

Article (2017)

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Cite this document: Bostani, A., Tehranchi, A. & Kashyap, R. (2017). Super-tunable, broadband up-conversion of a high-power CW laser in an engineered nonlinear crystal. Scientific Reports, 7. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-00974-3
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A specially-designed chirped periodically poled lithium niobate nonlinear crystal was fabricated with a phase-matching bandwidth as large as 50 nm for sum frequency generation to operate at room and higher temperatures. This device also benefits from insensitivity to laser frequency drift and fine alignment. The loosely-focused beam position of a high-power CW laser at around 1550 nm is optimized within the grating for maximum up-conversion efficiency, to realize a super-tunable source in the range of 770-778 nm by tuning a narrowband control signal over 30 nm in the communication band. This device is demonstrated to be fully phased-matched simultaneously for both second-order nonlinear up-conversion processes, namely second harmonic generation and sum frequency generation. The measurement of the generated sum-frequency power versus wavelength agrees well with the theory. The device allows for the creation of tunable broadband CW sources at shorter wavelengths with potentially high power.

Uncontrolled Keywords

Electrical and electronic engineering; High-harmonic generation; Nonlinear optics

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Subjects: 2500 Génie électrique et électronique > 2500 Génie électrique et électronique
3100 Physique > 3110 Optique (voir aussi Dispositifs photoniques, 2505)
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Journal Title: Scientific Reports (vol. 7)
Publisher: Springer Nature
Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-017-00974-3


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