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Atkinson, J. M., Brindley, P. B., Davies, A. G., & Hawari, J. (1984). An ESR study of the photolysis of cyclopentadienylzirconium compounds. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 264(1-2), 253-261. External link


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Hawari, J., & Griller, D. (1984). A novel silanediyl-germanediyl (silylene-germylene) exchange in 1,1-dimethyl-2,3,4,5-tetraphenyl-1-germacyclopentadiene. Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications (17), 1160-1161. External link


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Wertheimer, M. R., Sapieha, J.-E., & Schreiber, H. P. (1984). Advances in basic and applied aspects of microwave plasma polymerization. Thin Solid Films, 115(2), 109-124. External link

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