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Lejmi, S., Kaminska, B., & Wagneur, E. (1994, October). Retiming for the global optimization of synchronous sequential circuits [Paper]. IEEE International Conference on Computer Design: VLSI in Computers and Processors, Cambridge, MA, USA. Unavailable


Manoj, U. V., Sriskandarajah, C., & Wagneur, E. (2012). Coordination in a Two-Stage Production System: Complexity, Conflict and Cooperation. Computers & Operations Research, 39(6), 1245-1256. External link


Sergeev, S., & Wagneur, E. (2011). Basic solutions of systems with two max-linear inequalities. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 435(7), 1758-1768. External link


Wagneur, E., Cheng, E., & Ng, D. (2011). A closed-form solution for the optimal release times for the F2 vertical bar deteriorating jobs vertical bar Sigma w(j)C(j) problem. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 159(13), 1367-1376. External link

Wagneur, E. (2011). The Whitney embedding theorem for tropical torsion modules: Classification of tropical modules. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 435(7), 1786-1795. External link

Wagneur, E. (2003, February). Dequantisation: Semi-Direct Sums of Idempotent Semimodules [Paper]. Idempotent Mathematics and Mathematical Physics : international workshop, Vienna, Austria. External link

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