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Dagenais, M., Deschênes, J., McDonald, M., Baptiste, P., Mascle, C., Legros, R., Spreutels, L., Marinova, M., Perrier, M., & Frayret, J.-M. (2016). Les stratégies de circularité des ressources. In Sauvé, S., Normandin, D., & McDonald, M. (eds.), L'économie circulaire : une transition incontournable (37-63). External link


Groleau, G., Tanguay-Rioux, F., Spreutels, L., Héroux, M., & Legros, R. (2019). Development of a MSW gasification model for flexible integration into a MFA-LCA framework. Detritus, 7, 44-54. Available


Herman, C., Spreutels, L., Turomzsa, N., Konagano, E. M., & Haut, B. (2018). Convective drying of fermented Amazonian cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao var. Forasteiro). Experiments and mathematical modeling. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 108, 81-94. External link


Majeau-Bettez, G., Spreutels, L., Tanguay-Rioux, F., Viau, S., Samson, R., & Legros, R. (2018, June). Toward a parametrized and modular framework based on the integration of MFA and LCA for optimization of municipal solid wastes management [Paper]. 2nd Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of waste - Integrated Residual Resource Management and Assessment, Copenhagen. Unavailable


Spreutels, L., Héroux, M., & Legros, R. (2020). A spatial-and-scale-dependent model for predicting MSW generation, diversion and collection cost based on dwelling-type distribution. Detritus, 12, 3-11. Available

Spreutels, L., Haut, B., Legros, R., Bertrand, F., & Chaouki, J. (2016). Experimental Investigation of Solid Particles Flow in a Conical Spouted Bed Using Radioactive Particle Tracking. AICHE Journal, 62(1), 26-37. External link

Spreutels, L. (2013). Séchage des levures en lit à jet conique : expérimentation et modélisation multi-échelles [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available


Tucny, J.-M., Spreutels, L., Drolet, F., Leclaire, S., Bertrand, F., & Vidal, D. (2022). Impact of fiber diameter polydispersity on the permeability of fibrous media. Chemical Engineering Science, 262, 117984 (12 pages). External link

Tanguay-Rioux, F., Provost-Savard, A., Spreutels, L., Héroux, M., & Legros, R. (2022). A method for assessing the performance of sorting unit operations in a material recovery facility based on waste characterizations. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 100(9), 2572-2586. External link

Tanguay-Rioux, F., Spreutels, L., Héroux, M., & Legros, R. (2022). Mixed modeling approach for mechanical sorting processes based on physical properties of municipal solid waste. Waste Management, 144, 533-542. External link

Tanguay-Rioux, F., Legros, R., & Spreutels, L. (2021). On the limits of empirical partition coefficients for modeling material recovery facility unit operations in municipal solid waste management. Journal of Cleaner Production, 293, 126016 (13 pages). External link

Tanguay-Rioux, F., Legros, R., & Spreutels, L. (2020). Particle size analysis of municipal solid waste for treatment process modeling. Waste Management and Research, 38(7), 783-791. External link


Urtnowski-Morin, C., Tanguay-Rioux, F., Legros, R., & Spreutels, L. (2021). Upgrading waste material flow analysis with process models: The case of anaerobic digestion. Journal of Cleaner Production, 298, 11 pages. External link


Van Engeland, C., Spreutels, L., Legros, R., & Haut, B. (2022). Comprehensive analysis of intermittent drying. A theoretical approach. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 131, 86-101. External link

Van Engeland, C., Aujard, M., Rabineau, J., Spreutels, L., Legros, R., & Haut, B. (2021). Evolution of the quality of bakers yeast pellets containing a carrier during their convective drying. Drying Technology, 40(11), 2396-2403. External link

Viau, S., Majeau-Bettez, G., Spreutels, L., Legros, R., Margni, M., & Samson, R. (2020). Substitution modelling in life cycle assessment of municipal solid waste management. Waste Management, 102, 795-803. Available

Van Engeland, C., Haut, B., Spreutels, L., & Sobac, B. (2020). Evaporation versus imbibition in a porous medium. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 576, 280-290. External link

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