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Royer, A. (2005). Families of positivity preserving but not completely positive superoperators. Physics Letters A, 336(4-5), 295-310. External link

Royer, A. (2003). Combining projection superoperators and cumulant expansions in open quantum dynamics with initial correlations and fluctuating Hamiltonians and environments. Physics Letters A, 315(5), 335-351. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Comment on ''Reduced system dynamics from the N-body Schrödinger equation''. Physical Review Letters, 76(17), 3233-3233. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Driven 2-level atom - a simplified derivation. Physical review. A, 54(4), 3685-3686. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Phase states and phase operators for the quantum harmonic oscillator. Physical review. A, 53(1), 70-108. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Reduced Dynamics with Initial Correlations, and Time-Dependent Environment and Hamiltonians. Physical Review Letters, 77(16), 3272-3275. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Why are the energy-levels of the quantum harmonic-oscillator equally spaced. American Journal of Physics, 64(11), 1393-1399. External link

Royer, A. (1994). Antilinear operators in Dirac's bra-ket notation. American Journal of Physics, 62(8), 730-732. External link

Royer, A. (1994). Reversible quantum measurements on a spin 1/2 and measuring the state of a single system. Physical Review Letters, 73(7), 913-917. External link


Royer, A. Aspects of Open Quantum Dynamics [Paper]. Irreversible Quantum Dynamics. External link

Royer, A. (1993, August). Understanding squeezing of quantum states with the Wigner function [Paper]. 3rd International Workshop on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations, Baltimore, Md, USA. Unavailable

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