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Royer, A. (2005). Families of positivity preserving but not completely positive superoperators. Physics Letters A, 336(4-5), 295-310. External link

Royer, A. Aspects of Open Quantum Dynamics [Paper]. Irreversible Quantum Dynamics. External link

Royer, A. (2003). Combining projection superoperators and cumulant expansions in open quantum dynamics with initial correlations and fluctuating Hamiltonians and environments. Physics Letters A, 315(5), 335-351. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Comment on ''Reduced system dynamics from the N-body Schrödinger equation''. Physical Review Letters, 76(17), 3233-3233. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Driven 2-level atom - a simplified derivation. Physical review. A, 54(4), 3685-3686. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Phase states and phase operators for the quantum harmonic oscillator. Physical review. A, 53(1), 70-108. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Reduced Dynamics with Initial Correlations, and Time-Dependent Environment and Hamiltonians. Physical Review Letters, 77(16), 3272-3275. External link

Royer, A. (1996). Why are the energy-levels of the quantum harmonic-oscillator equally spaced. American Journal of Physics, 64(11), 1393-1399. External link

Royer, A. (1994). Antilinear operators in Dirac's bra-ket notation. American Journal of Physics, 62(8), 730-732. External link

Royer, A. (1994). Reversible quantum measurements on a spin 1/2 and measuring the state of a single system. Physical Review Letters, 73(7), 913-917. External link

Royer, A. (1993, August). Understanding squeezing of quantum states with the Wigner function [Paper]. 3rd International Workshop on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations, Baltimore, Md, USA. Unavailable

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