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Aymemo, J. M. F., Gagnon, M., Gauthier, J., Leduc, N., Puertas, E., Richard, P. R., Rosu, C., & Tessier-Baillargeon, M. (2010, January). Theoretical fundaments for an intelligent tutorial system towards the learning of geometry at a high school level [Paper]. Interoperable Interactive Geometry Conference, 12GEO 2010, Hluboká nad Vltavou (Czech Republic). External link


Corbeil, J.-P., Gagnon, M., & Richard, P. R. (2020, June). Probabilistic approaches to detect blocking states in intelligent tutoring system [Paper]. 16th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS 2020), Athens, Greece. External link


Font, L., Gagnon, M., Leduc, N., & Richard, P. (2022). Intelligence in QED-Tutrix: Balancing the Interactions Between the Natural Intelligence of the User and the Artificial Intelligence of the Tutor Software. In Richard, P. R., Pilar Vélez, M., & Van Vaerenbergh, S. (eds.), Mathematics Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence : How Artificial Intelligence can Serve Mathematical Human Learning (Vol. 17, 45-76). External link

Font, L., Cyr, S., Richard, P. R., & Gagnon, M. (2019, August). Automating the generation of high school geometry proofs using Prolog in an educational context [Paper]. 8th International Workshop on Theorem Proving Components for Educational Software, (ThEdu 2019), Natal, Brazil (16 pages). External link

Font, L., Richard, P. R., & Gagnon, M. (2017, August). Improving QED-Tutrix by automating the generation of proofs [Paper]. 6th International Workshop on Theorem Proving Components for Educational Software (ThEdu 2017), Gothenburg, Sweden. Published in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 267. External link


Richard, P. R., Venant, F., & Gagnon, M. (2019). Issues and challenges in instrumental proof. In Proof Technology in Mathematics Research and Teaching (Vol. 14, 139-172). External link

Richard, P. R., Gagnon, M., & Fortuny, J. M. (2016, July). Connectedness of Problems and Impasse Resolution in the Solving Process in Geometry: A Major Educational Challenge [Paper]. 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME 2016), Hamburg, Germany. External link

Richard, P. R., Gagnon, M., Fortuny, J. M., Leduc, N., & Tessier-Baillargeon, M. (2013). Means of Choice for Interactive Management of Dynamic Geometry Problems Based on Instrumented Behaviour. American Journal of Computational Mathematics, 3(3B), 41-51. Available

Richard, P. R., Fortuny, J. M., Gagnon, M., Leduc, N., Puertas, E., & Tessier-Baillargeon, M. (2011). Didactic and theoretical-based perspectives in the experimental development of an intelligent tutorial system for the learning of geometry. ZDM, 43(3), 425-439. External link

Richard, P. R., Leduc, N., Tessier-Baillargeon, M., & Gagnon, M. (2010, June). Contribution of a computer algebra system (CAS) in the solving of problems in geometry with the help of an emerging tutorial system [Paper]. Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Mathematics Education, Hluboká nad Vltavou (Czech Republic). Unavailable


Tessier-Baillargeon, M., Leduc, N., Richard, P. R., & Gagnon, M. (2017, February). QED-Tutrix: creating and expanding a problem database towards personalized problem itineraries for proof learning [Paper]. 10th Congress of European Research in Mathematics Education (CERME 2017), Dublin, Ireland. External link

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