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Aguirre, C. M., Ternon, C., Paillet, M., Desjardins, P., & Martel, R. (2009). Carbon nanotubes as injection electrodes for organic thin film transistors. Nano Letters, 9(4), 1457-1461. External link

Adam, E., Aguirre, C. M., Marty, L., St-Antoine, B. C., Meunier, F., Desjardins, P., Ménard, D., & Martel, R. (2008). Electroluminescence From Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Network Transistors. Nano Letters, 8(8), 2351-2355. External link

Aguirre, C. M., Auvray, S., Pigeon, S., Izquierdo, R., Desjardins, P., & Martel, R. (2006). Carbon nanotube sheets as electrodes in organic light-emitting diodes. Applied Physics Letters, 88(18), 183104-1-183104-3. External link


Badon, A., Marceau, J. B., Allard, C., Fossard, F., Loiseau, A., Cognet, L., Flahaut, E., Recher, G., Izard, N., Martel, R., & Gaufrès, É. (2023). Fluorescence anisotropy using highly polarized emitting dyes confined inside BNNTs. Materials Horizons, 10(3), 983-992. External link

Bergeron, E., Boutopoulos, C., Martel, R., Torres, A., Rodriguez, C., Niskanen, J., Lebrun, J. J., Winnik, F. M., Sapieha, P., & Meunier, M. (2015). Cell-specific optoporation with near-infrared ultrafast laser and functionalized gold nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 7(42), 17836-17847. External link


Choubak, S., Levesque, P. L., Gaufres, E., Biron, M., Desjardins, P., & Martel, R. (2014). Graphene CVD: Interplay Between Growth and Etching on Morphology and Stacking by Hydrogen and Oxidizing Impurities. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118(37), 21532-21540. External link


Favron, A., Goudreault, F. A., Gosselin, V., Groulx, J., Cote, M., Leonelli, R., Germain, J. F., Phaneuf-L'Heureux, A. L., Francoeur, S., & Martel, R. (2018). Second-order Raman scattering in exfoliated black phosphorus. Nano Letters, 18(2), 1018-1027. External link

Fortin-Deschenes, M., Waller, O., Mentes, T. O., Locatelli, A., Mukherjee, S., Genuzio, F., Levesque, P. L., Hebert, A., Martel, R., & Moutanabbir, O. (2017). Synthesis of antimonene on germanium. Nano Letters, 17(8), 4970-4975. External link

Favron, A., Gaufres, E., Fossard, F., Phaneuf-L'Heureux, A. L., Tang, N. Y. W., Levesque, P. L., Loiseau, A., Leonelli, R., Francoeur, S., & Martel, R. (2015). Photooxidation and quantum confinement effects in exfoliated black phosphorus. Nature Materials, 14(8), 826-832. External link


Hafez, H. A., Lévesque, P. L., Al-Naib, I., Dignam, M. M., Chai, X., Choubak, S., Desjardins, P., Martel, R., & Ozaki, T. (2016, September). Optical-pump/intense-THz-probe spectroscopy of gated graphene [Paper]. 41st International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz waves (IRMMW-THz 2016), Copenhagen, Denmark (2 pages). External link


Kampfrath, T., Volkmann, K. , Nötzold, J., Aguirre, C. M., Desjardins, P., Martel, R., Krenz, M., Frischkorn, C., Wolf, M., & Perfetti, L. (2008). Ultrafast far-infrared optics of carbon nanotubes. Physical Review Letters, 101(26), 267403-267403. External link


Lussier, A. W., Bourbonnais-Sureault, D., Chicoine, M., Martel, R., Martinu, L., Roorda, S., & Schiettekatte, F. (2024). Raman-based mapping and depth-profiling of the relaxation state in amorphous silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 135(6), 065301 (12 pages). External link

Lapointe, F., Rousseau, B., Aymong, V., Nguyen, M., Biron, M., Gaufres, E., Choubak, S., Han, Z., Bouchiat, V., Desjardins, P., Cote, M., & Martel, R. (2017). Antiresonances in the Mid-Infrared Vibrational Spectrum of Functionalized Graphene. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121(16), 9053-9062. External link

Lapointe, F., Gaufrès, É., Tremblay, I., Tang, N., Desjardins, P., & Martel, R. (2012). Fano Resonances in Mid-Infrared Spectra of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2012-01(31), 1177-1177. External link


Marty, L., Adam, E., Albert, L., Doyon, R., Ménard, D., & Martel, R. (2006). Exciton Formation and Annihilation during 1D Impact Excitation of Carbon Nanotubes. Physical Review Letters, 96(13), 136803. External link

Martel, R., Lefebvre, R., & Hawari, J. (2000, October). Study of the trichloroethylene (TCE) recovery mechanisms through phase diagrams and sand column experiments [Paper]. 53rd Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 1st joint IAH-CNC and CGS Groundwater Specialty Conference, Montréal, Canada. Unavailable


Perfetti, L., Kampfrath, T., Schapper, F., Hagen, A., Hertel, T., Aguirre, C. M., Desjardins, P., Martel, R., Frischkorn, C., & Wolf, M. (2006). Ultrafast Dynamics of Delocalized and Localized Electrons in Carbon Nanotubes. Physical Review Letters, 96(2). External link


Rochefort, A., Martel, R., & Avouris, P. (2002). Electrical Switching in Pi-Resonant 1D Intermolecular Channels. Nano Letters, 2(8), 877-880. External link


Santato, C., Cicoira, F., & Martel, R. (2011). Organic photonics : Spotlight on organic transistors. Nature Photonics, 5(7), 392-393. External link

Sabri, S. S., Levesque, P. L., Aguirre-Carmona, C. M., Guillemette, J., Martel, R., & Szkopek, T. (2009). Graphene field effect transistors with parylene gate dielectric. Applied Physics Letters, 95(24), 242104-242104. External link


Thiboutot, S., Ampleman, G., Brochu, S., Diaz, E., Martel, R., Hawari, J., Sunahara, G., Walsh, M. R., & Walsh, M. E. (2013, May). Canadian Program on the Environmental Impacts of Munition [Paper]. European Conference of Defence and the Environment (ECDE 2013). Unavailable

Thiboutot, S., Ampleman, G., Dubé, P., Dubois, C., Martel, R., Lefebvre, R., Mailloux, M., Sunahara, G., Robidoux, P. Y., & Hawari, J. (2000, September). Characterization of DND training ranges including anti-tank firing ranges and ecotoxicological assessment [Paper]. 5th International Symposium and Exhibition on Environmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe, Prague, Czech Republic. Unavailable

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