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Benzerrouk, H., Nebylov, A., & Li, M. (2018). Multi-UAV Doppler information fusion for target tracking based on distributed high degrees information filters. Aerospace, 5(1), 1-21. Available


Chen, C., Panerati, J., Li, M., & Beltrame, G. (2019). Probabilistic timing analysis of time-randomised caches with fault detection mechanisms. IET Computers and Digital Techniques, 13(3), 129-139. External link

Cao, Y., Li, M., Svogor, I., Wei, S., & Beltrame, G. (2018). Dynamic range-only localization for multi-robot systems. IEEE Access, 6, 46527-46537. Available


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Laparra, G., Li, M., Zhu, G., & Savaria, Y. (2020). Desynchronized Model Predictive Control for Large Populations of Fans in Server Racks of Datacenters. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 11(1), 411-419. External link

Li, M., Chen, C., Zhu, G., & Savaria, Y. (2018, August). Local Queueing-Based Data-Driven Task Scheduling for Multicore Systems [Paper]. 61st IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS 2018), Windsor, ON, Canada. External link

Li, M., Zhu, G., Savaria, Y., & Lauer, M. (2017). Reliability Enhancement of Redundancy Management in AFDX Networks. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 13(5), 2118-2129. Available

Li, M. (2016). Determinism Enhancement and Reliability Assessment in Safety Critical AFDX Networks [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Li, M., Lauer, M., Zhu, G., & Savaria, Y. (2014). Determinism enhancement of AFDX networks via frame insertion and sub-virtual link aggregation. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 10(3), 1684-1695. External link


Wu, Y., Ding, Y., Ding, S., Savaria, Y., & Li, M. (2021). Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery Based on the Cooperation of Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Ground Vehicles. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021, 1-15. External link

Wu, Y., Li, M., Li, G., & Savaria, Y. (2021). Persistence region monitor with a pheromone-inspired robot swarm sensor network. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 9(14), 12093-12110. External link

Wang, W., Ren, X., Zhang, Y., & Li, M. (2018). Deep learning based lithology classification using dual-frequency Pol-SAR data. Applied Sciences, 8(9), 19 pages. Available


Yang, K., Li, M., Zhu, G., & Savaria, Y. (2017). A DAQM-Based Load Balancing Scheme for High Performance Computing Platforms. IEEE Access, 5, 22504-22513. Available


Zheng, J., Laparra, G., Zhu, G., & Li, M. (2020). Aggregate power control of heterogeneous TCL populations governed by Fokker–Planck equations. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 28(5), 1915-1927. Available

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