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Amassian, A., Larouche, S., Vernhes, R., Sapieha, J.-E., Desjardins, P., & Martinu, L. (2002, May). Analysis and control of optical film growth by in situ real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry [Paper]. SPIE Regional Meeting on Optoelectronics, Photonics, and Imaging (Opto Canada 2002), Ottawa, Ont., Can.. External link

Amassian, A., Larouche, S., Sapieha, J.-E., Desjardins, P., & Martinu, L. (2002, April). In situ ellipsometric study of the initial growth stages of a TiO₂ by PECVD [Paper]. 45th Annual Technical Conference of the Society of Vacuum Coaters, Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA. External link


Larouche, S., & Martinu, L. (2008). Openfilters: Open-Source Software for the Design, Optimization, and Synthesis of Optical Filters. Applied Optics, 47(13), C219-C230. External link

Larouche, S., & Martinu, L. (2008). Optical Filters With Prescribed Optical Thickness and Refined Refractive Indices. Applied Optics, 47(22), 4140-4146. External link

Larouche, S., & Martinu, L. (2008). Step Method: a New Synthesis Method for the Design of Optical Filters With Intermediate Refractive Indices. Applied Optics, 47(24), 4321-4330. External link

Larouche, S., & Martinu, L. (2007). Dispersion Implementation in Optical Filter Design by the Fourier Transform Method Using Correction Factors. Applied Optics, 46(30), 7436-7441. External link

Larouche, S., Szymanowski, H., Sapieha, J.-E., Martinu, L., & Gujrathi, S. C. (2004). Microstructure of plasma-deposited SiO₂/TiO₂ optical films. Journal of vacuum science and technology. A, Vacuum, surfaces, and films, 22(4), 1200-1207. External link

Larouche, S., Amassian, A., Gujrathi, S. C., Sapieha, J.-E., & Martinu, L. (2001, January). Multilayer and inhomogeneous optical filters fabricated by PECVD using titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide [Paper]. 44th Annual Technical Conference, Philadelphia, PA, United States. Unavailable


Poitras, D., Larouche, S., & Martinu, L. (2002). Design and Plasma Deposition of Dispersion-Corrected Multiband Rugate Filters. Applied Optics, 41(25), 5249-5255. External link


Raymond, M.-A., Larouche, S., Zabeida, O., Martinu, L., & Sapieha, J.-E. (2001, January). Tribological properties of PECVD optical coatings [Paper]. 44th Annual Technical Conference, Philadelphia, PA, United States. Unavailable


Turcotte, S., Larouche, S., Beaudry, J.-N., Martinu, L., Masut, R. A., Desjardins, P., & Leonelli, R. (2009). Evidence of valence band perturbations in GaAsN/GaAs(001): Combined variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry and modulated photoreflectance investigation. Physical Review B, 80(8). External link

Timoshevskii, V., Côté, M., Gilbert, G., Leonelli, R., Turcotte, S., Beaudry, J. N., Desjardins, P., Larouche, S., Martinu, L., & Masut, R. A. (2006). Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the E+ Optical Transition in GaAsN Alloys. Physical Review B, 74(16). External link


Zabeida, O., Amassian, A., Larouche, S., Lavigne, C., Sapieha, J.-E., Martinu, L., Morton, D. E., Stevenson, I. C., & Zimone, F. (2001, July). Plasma deposition of anti-reflective coatings on spherical lenses [Paper]. Optical Interference Coatings (OIC 2001), Banff, AB, Canada. External link

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