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Bourdeau, M., Delmas, P., & Sylvain, H. (2012). Using partial components to restore and use the concurrent validity of the Index of Readiness. Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for Psychology, 8(2), 70-87. Available

Bourdeau, M. (2008, May). Note on the respective widths of confidence intervals for means with know and unknown variances [Notes sur les largeurs respectives des intervalles de confiance pour les moyennes avec variances connues et inconnues]. [Abstract]. Joint meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada and the Société française de statistique, Ottawa, ON. Unavailable

Bourdeau, M., & Dechambre, M. (1999). Observations of Forests Using a Helicopter-Borne Nadir-Looking Radar: a New Method for Morphometric Purposes. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 37(4), 2080-2091. External link

Bourdeau, M., & Tubach, J.-P. (1996). Phonological planes and spaces A quantitative study on five corpora. ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 113-114, 349-378. External link

Bourdeau, M. (1994). Analyse canonique : étude sur des variables binaires. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-94-16). Restricted access

Bourdeau, M. (1988). Projet d'un système de surveillance automatisée du processus de travail dans l'accouchement. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-88-14). Restricted access

Bourdeau, M., Ouellet, M., & Santerre, L. (1987). Vers une définition quantitative de plans phonologiques. (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-87-18). Restricted access

Bourdeau, M., & Pitre, A. (1985). Tables of good lattices in four and five dimensions. Numerische Mathematik, 47(1), 39-43. External link

Bourdeau, M., Dordain, M., & Nespoulous, J.-L. (1982). Examen des résultats des sujets normaux au test M1 alpha. (Technical Report n° EP-R-82-28). Restricted access

Bourdeau, M., & Couillard, P. (1980). The contractile vacuole of Amoeba Proteus : some consequences of the microcoalescence hypothesis. (Technical Report n° EP-R-80-38). Restricted access

Bourdeau, M., & Pitre, A. (1980). Détermination des "bons treillis" en dimension 4. (Technical Report n° EP-R-81-13). Restricted access


Carré, R., Bourdeau, M., & Tubach, J.-P. (1995). Vowel-Vowel Production: The Distinctive Region Model (DRM) and Vowel Harmony. Phonetica, 52(3), 205-214. External link

Couillard, P., & Bourdeau, M. (1983). The contractile vacuole of Amoeba proteus. Some of the consequences of the microcoalescence hypothesis. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 61(12), 2669-2673. External link


Dechambre, M., & Bourdeau, M. (1996, May). Forest classification by means of pattern recognition method applied to scatterometer data [Paper]. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 1996), Lincoln, Neb, USA. External link


Gagnon, J., Saint-Arnaud, J., Bourdeau, M., Cote, J., Chapados, C., & Michaud, C. (2012). Perceptions of Stopping Dialysis and Treatment to Maintain Life for Québec Clientele in Hospital Hemodialysis: Comparison by Age. Canadian Journal on Aging, 31(4), 435-444. External link


Meilleur, B., Bourdeau, M., & Taylor, B. (1981). Les effets biologiques des champs électromagnétiques : bibliographie commentée. (Technical Report n° EP-R-81-42). Restricted access


Plamondon, R., Suen, C. Y., Bourdeau, M., & Barrière, C. (1994). Methodologies for evaluating thinning algorithms for character recognition. In Suen, C. Y., & Wang, P. S. P. (eds.), Thinning methodologies for pattern recognition (Vol. 8, 283-306). External link

Plamondon, R., Suen, C. Y., Bourdeau, M., & Barrière, C. (1993). Methodologies for Evaluating Thinning Algorithms for Character Recognition. International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 7(5), 1247-1270. External link

Pitre, A., & Bourdeau, M. (1983). Détermination des meilleurs "bons treillis" en intégration numérique multidimensionnelle. (Technical Report n° EP-R-83-01). Restricted access


Rodel, M., Dudley, J. G., & Bourdeau, M. (1983). Hemispheric differences for semantically and phonologically primed nouns: A tachistoscopic study in normals. Attention Perception & Psychophysics, 34(6), 523-531. External link


Saporta, G., & Bourdeau, M. (2004, January). The St@Tnet Project for Teaching Statistics [Paper]. 16th COMPSTAT Symposium (COMPSTAT 2004), Prague, Czech Republic. External link


Yaeger, M., & Bourdeau, M. (1981). Montreal French vowel durations. (Technical Report n° EP-R-81-08). Restricted access

Yaeger, M., & Bourdeau, M. (1978). Montreal French vowels durations. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 63(S1), S87-S87. External link

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