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Bonizzato, M., Guay Hottin, R., Côté, S. L., Massai, E., Choinière, L., Macar, U., Laferrière, S., Sirpal, P., Quessy, S., Lajoie, G., Martinez, M., & Dancause, N. (2023). Autonomous optimization of neuroprosthetic stimulation parameters that drive the motor cortex and spinal cord outputs in rats and monkeys. Cell Reports Medicine, 4(4), 101008 (24 pages). External link

Bonizzato, M., & Fasano, A. (2023). Implementing automation in deep brain stimulation: has the time come? Lancet Digital Health, 5(2), e52-e53. External link

Bergeron, D., Iorio-Morin, C., Bonizzato, M., Lajoie, G., Orr Gaucher, N., Racine, É., & Weil, A. G. (2023). Use of Invasive Brain-Computer Interfaces in Pediatric Neurosurgery: Technical and Ethical Considerations. Journal of Child Neurology, 38(3-4), 223-238. External link

Bonizzato, M. (2021). Neuroprosthetics: an outlook on active challenges toward clinical adoption. Journal of Neurophysiology, 125(1), 105-109. External link

Bonizzato, M., & Martinez, M. (2021). An intracortical neuroprosthesis immediately alleviates walking deficits and improves recovery of leg control after spinal cord injury. Science Translational Medicine, 13(586). External link

Bonizzato, M., James, N. D., Pidpruzhnykova, G., Pavlova, N., Shkorbatova, P., Baud, L., Martinez-Gonzalez, C., Squair, J. W., DiGiovanna, J., Barraud, Q., Micera, S., & Courtine, G. (2021). Multi-pronged neuromodulation intervention engages the residual motor circuitry to facilitate walking in a rat model of spinal cord injury. Nature Communications, 12(1), 14 pages. External link

Bonizzato, M., & Martinez, M. (2021). Systems and Methods For Movement Modulation of a Body Part of a Subject. [Systèmes et procédés de modulation du mouvement d'une partie du corps d'un sujet.]. (Patent no. CA3146323). External link

Bourrier, A., Szarpak-Jankowska, A., Veliev, F., Olarte-Hernandez, R., Shkorbatova, P., Bonizzato, M., Rey, E., Barraud, Q., Briançon-Marjollet, A., Auzely, R., Courtine, G., Bouchiat, V., & Delacour, C. (2020). Introducing a biomimetic coating for graphene neuroelectronics: toward in-vivo applications. Biomedical Physics &amp; Engineering Express, 7(1), 16 pages. External link

Bourrier, A., Shkorbatova, P., Bonizzato, M., Rey, E., Barraud, Q., Courtine, G., Othmen, R., Reita, V., Bouchiat, V., & Delacour, C. (2019). Monolayer Graphene Coating of Intracortical Probes for Long-Lasting Neural Activity Monitoring. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 8(18), 13 pages. External link

Bonizzato, M., Pidpruzhnykova, G., DiGiovanna, J., Shkorbatova, P., Pavlova, N., Micera, S., & Courtine, G. (2018). Brain-controlled modulation of spinal circuits improves recovery from spinal cord injury. Nature Communications, 9(1), 14 pages. External link

Borton, D., Bonizzato, M., Beauparlant, J., DiGiovanna, J., Moraud, E. M., Wenger, N., Musienko, P., Minev, I. R., Lacour, S. P., Millán, J. R., Micera, S., & Courtine, G. (2014). Corticospinal neuroprostheses to restore locomotion after spinal cord injury. Neuroscience Research, 78, 21-29. External link


Choinière, L., Guay-Hottin, R., Picard, R., Lajoie, G., Bonizzato, M., & Dancause, N. (2024). Gaussian-process-based Bayesian optimization for neurostimulation interventions in rats. STAR Protocols, 5(1), 102885 (28 pages). Available

Courtine, G., Wenger, N., Moraud, E. M., Micera, S., & Bonizzato, M. (2019). System to deliver adaptive epidural and/or subdural electrical spinal cord stimulation to facilitate and restore locomotion after a neuromotor impairment. [Système pour administrer une stimulation de moelle épinière électrique épidurale et/ou sous-durale adaptative pour faciliter et restaurer la locomotion après un trouble neuromoteur]. (Patent Application no. US20160279418). External link


Duguay, M., Bonizzato, M., Delivet-Mongrain, H., Fortier-Lebel, N., & Martinez, M. (2023). Uncovering and leveraging the return of voluntary motor programs after paralysis using a bi-cortical neuroprosthesis. Progress in Neurobiology, 228, 102492 (15 pages). Available


Laferrière, S., Bonizzato, M., Côté, S. L., Dancause, N., & Lajoie, G. (2020). Hierarchical Bayesian Optimization of Spatiotemporal Neurostimulations for Targeted Motor Outputs. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 28(6), 1452-1460. External link


Marino, H., Bonizzato, M., Bartalucci, R., Salaris, P., & Pallottino, L. (2012, October). Motion planning for two 3D-Dubins vehicles with distance constraint [Paper]. 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Vilamoura-Algarve, Portugal. External link


Petrini, F. M., Raspopovic, S., Bonizzato, M., Giambattistelli, F., Zollo, L., Guglielmelli, E., & Micera, S. Efferent microneurography recordings: A tool for motor control study and hand-prosthesis decoding [Paper]. 2013 6th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER 2013), San Diego, CA, USA. External link


Raspopovic, S., Petrini, F. M., Capogrosso, M., Bonizzato, M., & Micera, S. (2016). Bidirectional limb neuro-prosthesis. [Neuroprothèse bidirectionnelle pour membre]. (Patent Application no. WO2015097623). External link

Raspopovic, S., Capogrosso, M., Petrini, F. M., Bonizzato, M., Rigosa, J., Di Pino, G., Carpaneto, J., Controzzi, M., Boretius, T., Fernandez, E., Granata, G., Oddo, C. M., Citi, L., Ciancio, A. L., Cipriani, C., Carrozza, M. C., Jensen, W., Guglielmelli, E., Stieglitz, T., ... Micera, S. (2014). Restoring Natural Sensory Feedback in Real-Time Bidirectional Hand Prostheses. Science Translational Medicine, 6(222). External link


Wenger, N., Moraud, E. M., Raspopovic, S., Bonizzato, M., DiGiovanna, J., Musienko, P., Morari, M., Micera, S., & Courtine, G. (2014). Closed-loop neuromodulation of spinal sensorimotor circuits controls refined locomotion after complete spinal cord injury. Science Translational Medicine, 6(255). External link

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