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Boudreau, M., Karakuzu, A., Boré, A., Zelenkovski, K., Pinsard, B., Alonso Ortiz, E., Boyle, J., Bellec, P., & Cohen-Adad, J. (2023, June). Longitudinal stability of brain and spinal cord quantitative MRI measures [Presentation]. In ISMRM & ISMRT annual Meeting & Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Canada. External link

Boudreau, M., Poline, J.-B., Bellec, P., & Stikov, N. (2021). On the open-source landscape of PLOS Computational Biology. PLOS Computational Biology, 17(2), 3 pages. Available


Craddock, R. C., Margulies, D. S., Bellec, P., Nichols, B. N., Alcauter, S., Barrios, F. A., Burnod, Y., Cannistraci, C. J., Cohen-Adad, J., De Leener, B., Dery, S., Downar, J., Dunlop, K., Franco, A. R., Froehlich, C. S., Gerber, A. J., Ghosh, S. S., Grabowski, T. J., Hill, S., ... Xu, T. (2016). Brainhack: a collaborative workshop for the open neuroscience community. GigaScience, 5(1), 1-8. Available


DuPre, E., Holdgraf, C., Karakuzu, A., Tetrel, L., Bellec, P., Stikov, N., & Poline, J.-B. (2022). Beyond advertising: New infrastructures for publishing integrated research objects. PLOS Computational Biology, 18(1), e1009651 (7 pages). Available

Daneault, V., Orban, P., Martin, N., Dansereau, C., Godbout, J., Pouliot, P., Dickinson, P., Gosselin, N., Vandewalle, G., Maquet, P., Lina, J.-M., Doyon, J., Bellec, P., & Carrier, J. (2021). Cerebral functional networks during sleep in young and older individuals. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 4905 (12 pages). Available


Guevara, E., Berti, R., Londono, I., Ningshi, X., Bellec, P., Lesage, F., & Lodygensky, G. A. (2014, May). Photoacoustic imaging of an inflammatory lesion model in the neonatal rat brain [Paper]. Photonics North 2014, Montréal, Québec. External link

Guevara, E., Berti, R., Londono, I., Xie, N., Bellec, P., Lesage, F., & Lodygensky, G. A. (2013). Imaging of an inflammatory injury in the newborn rat brain with photoacoustic tomography. PLOS One, 8(12). Available

Guevara, E., Berti, R., Londono, I., Xie, N., Bellec, P., Lesage, F., & Lodygensky, G. A. (2013). Imaging of an Inflammatory Injury in the Newborn Rat Brain With Photoacoustic Tomography. PLOS ONE, 8(12). External link


Harding, R. J., Bermudez, P., Bernier, A., Beauvais, M. J. S., Bellec, P., Hill, S., Karakuzu, A., Knoppers, B. M., Pavlidis, P., Poline, J.-B., Roskams, J., Stikov, N., Stone, J., Strother, S., Consortium, C., & Evans, A. C. (2023). The Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform-An open science framework for the neuroscience community. PLOS Computational Biology, 19(7), 14 pages. Available


Mangeat, G., Badji, A., Ouellette, R., Treaba, C. A., Herranz, E., Granberg, T., Louapre, C., Stikov, N., Sloane, J. A., Bellec, P., Mainero, C., & Cohen-Adad, J. (2018). Changes in structural network are associated with cortical demyelination in early multiple sclerosis. Human Brain Mapping, 39(5), 2133-2146. External link

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