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Al-Sakkari, E. G., Ragab, A., So, T. M. Y., Shokrollahi, M., Dagdougui, H., Navarri, P., Elkamel, A., & Amazouz, M. (2023). Machine learning-assisted selection of adsorption-based carbon dioxide capture materials. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 11(5), 110732 (25 pages). External link

Abdeldayem, O. M., Dabbish, A. M., Habashy, M. M., Mostafa, M. K., Elhefnawy, M., Amin, L., Al-Sakkari, E. G., Ragab, A., & Rene, E. R. (2022). Viral outbreaks detection and surveillance using wastewater-based epidemiology, viral air sampling, and machine learning techniques: A comprehensive review and outlook. Science of The Total Environment, 803, 24 pages. External link

Abdelmigeed, M. O., Al-Sakkari, E. G., Hefney, M. S., Ismail, F. M., Abdelghany, A., Ahmed, T. S., & Ismail, I. M. (2021). Magnetized ZIF-8 impregnated with sodium hydroxide as a heterogeneous catalyst for high-quality biodiesel production. Renewable Energy, 165, 405-419. External link

Al-Sakkari, E. G., Abdeldayem, O. M., El-Sheltawy, S. T., Abadir, M. F., Soliman, A., Rene, E. R., & Ismail, I. (2020). Esterification of high FFA content waste cooking oil through different techniques including the utilization of cement kiln dust as a heterogeneous catalyst: A comparative study. Fuel, 279, 11 pages. External link

Al-Sakkari, E. G., Abdeldayem, O. M., Genina, E. E., Amin, L., Bahgat, N. T., Rene, E. R., & El-Sherbiny, I. M. (2020). New alginate-based interpenetrating polymer networks for water treatment: a response surface methodology based optimization study. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 155, 772-785. External link


Hosney, H., Al-Sakkari, E. G., & Mustafa, A. (2020). Kinetics and gibbs function studies on lipase-catalyzed production of non-phthalate plasticizer. Journal of Oleo Science, 69(7), 727-735. External link


Naeem, M. M., Al-Sakkari, E. G., Boffito, D. C., Rene, E. R., Gadalla, M. A., & Ashour, F. H. (2023). Single-stage waste oil conversion into biodiesel via sonication over bio-based bifunctional catalyst: Optimization, preliminary techno-economic and environmental analysis. Fuel, 341, 127587 (13 pages). External link

Naeem, M. M., Al-Sakkari, E. G., Boffito, D. C., Gadalla, M. A., & Ashour, F. H. (2021). One-pot conversion of highly acidic waste cooking oil into biodiesel over a novel bio-based bi-functional catalyst. Fuel, 283, 16 pages. External link

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