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Ozonation of Primary Sludge and Digested Sludge to Increase Methane Production in a Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Facility

Jaime Alexis Chacana Olivares, Marc-André Labelle, Antoine Laporte, Alain Gadbois, Benoit Barbeau and Yves Comeau

Article (2017)

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Cite this document: Chacana Olivares, J. A., Labelle, M.-A., Laporte, A., Gadbois, A., Barbeau, B. & Comeau, Y. (2017). Ozonation of Primary Sludge and Digested Sludge to Increase Methane Production in a Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Facility. Ozone: Science & Engineering, 39(3), p. 148-158. doi:10.1080/01919512.2017.1301247
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The purpose of this research was the investigation of the ozonation of sludge as a method to improve anaerobic digestion performance in a chemically enhanced primary treatment facility. Batch tests were conducted to evaluate the effect of ozonation on the physicochemical characteristics of both primary and digested sludge. Then, the performance of semi-continuous anaerobic digesters in combination with ozone treatment was investigated (pre-ozonation and post-ozonation). Ozonation of primary sludge did not increase the soluble COD nor the biodegradable COD, but resulted in the mineralization of a fraction of the organic matter into CO2. However, the ozonation of anaerobic digested sludge resulted in an increase in soluble COD and biodegradable COD and in a small level of mineralization at the dose of 90 mg O3/g COD. Pre-ozonation of primary sludge was not effective in enhancing the performance of the anaerobic digester. The coupling of ozonation and anaerobic digestion by means of the post-ozonation of digested sludge was found to be effective in improving methane production (+16%), for COD removal efficiency and for the dewaterability of anaerobic digesters compared to the control digester.

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Ozone; Anaerobic Digestion; Digested Sludge; Methane Production; Primary Sludge

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Journal Title: Ozone: Science & Engineering (vol. 39, no. 3)
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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