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The use of waste rock inclusions to control the effects of liquefaction in tailings impoundments

Michael James

PhD thesis (2009)

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Cite this document: James, M. (2009). The use of waste rock inclusions to control the effects of liquefaction in tailings impoundments (PhD thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal). Retrieved from https://publications.polymtl.ca/8284/
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Objectives -- Scope and content of this thesis -- The sate of the knowledge and practice -- Hard rock mine waste and tailings impoundments -- Liquefaction -- Evaluation of the potential for liquefaction -- The liquefaction of hard rock tailings -- Methods of controlling liquefaction and its effects -- The use of waste rock inclusions in tailings impoundments -- Modeling liquefaction and its effects -- Evaluation of the stability of tailings impoundments -- Remarks -- Geotechnical study of a tailings impoundment -- Introduction -- Document review -- Geologic conditions -- Field exploration -- Laboratory testing -- Site conditions -- Characterization of the tailings -- Stability evaluation criteria and assumed earthquake loads -- Liquefaction evaluation -- Preliminary stability evaluation of the representative tailings impoundment -- Remarks on the geotechnical study -- Preliminary numerical analysis of the dynamic behavior of the tailings -- System of analysis -- Numerical modeling of the CDSS testing -- Numerical evaluation of the liquefaction potential of the tailings -- Remarks on the preliminary numerical modeling -- Numerical analysis of the representative tailings impoundment -- Method of analysis -- Model geometry, material properties and boundary conditions -- Static conditions -- Dynamic analyses -- Comparison of the Dynamic response of the tailings with the level ground analyses -- Comparison of the dynamic response of the representative impoundment with the analytical stability evaluation -- Remarks on the numerical analyses of the representative impoundment -- Evaluation of the use of waste rock inclusions -- Earthquake loadings -- Conceptual tailings impoundment -- Analysis and evaluation of the conceptual impoundment -- Discussions on liquefaction and stability -- Remarks on the evaluation of waste rock inclusions -- Parametric evaluation and discussion -- Parametric evaluation of the conventional impoundment -- Parametric evaluations of the reinforced impoundment -- Remarks on the parametric evaluations -- Conclusions and recommendations.

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Terrils -- Aspect de l'environnement; Sols -- Liquéfaction

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