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Parallel radix-4 fast fourier transform computer

Michael J. Corinthios, K. C. Smith and J. L. Yen

Technical Report (1974)

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Cite this document: Corinthios, M. J., Smith, K. C. & Yen, J. L. (1974). Parallel radix-4 fast fourier transform computer (Technical Report n° EP-R-74-19).
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High speed FFT algorithms -- System organization of a digital spectrum analyzer -- Automatic array scaling -- Machine organization for performing other processes based on Fourier transforms -- Functional design of a radix-4 high speed Fourier processor -- Basic organization of high-speed processors -- The arithmetic unit -- The preweighting unit -- The weighting unit -- A multiplier for real numbers -- The real-to-complex (RTC) unit -- The storage and switching units -- The weighting coefficients storage unit -- Sequencing and control signals -- Machine configuration and performance -- Machine configuration -- The class of machines as general signal processors.

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