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The synthesis of an urban transportation system based on societal criteria

J. O'Shea and M. P. Polis

Technical Report (1973)

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Cite this document: O'Shea, J. & Polis, M. P. (1973). The synthesis of an urban transportation system based on societal criteria (Technical Report n° EP-R-73-16).
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Overall system parameters -- Headway policiy -- Brick wall stop -- Finite failed vehicle Deceleration -- Controlled collision -- Capacity -- Travel time -- Average velocity -- Vehicle dimensions -- Acceleration and Jerk -- Safety factor -- Reaction time -- Position and velocity profiles -- Summary of overall system operating parameters -- The control strategy -- The car following control strategy -- Slot following algorithms -- Synchronous longitudinal guidance -- The slot in cyle reservation method -- The local conrtrollers -- Quasi-synchronous longitudinal guidance -- Synchronization of the vehicles with the slots -- Summary of the routing strategy -- The vehicle carriers and the guideway -- The vehicle carriers -- The guideway -- Switching.

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Transports individualisés; Véhicules électriques

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