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Heuristics for the stochastic eulerian tour problem

Srimathy Mohan, Michel Gendreau and Jean-Marc Rousseau

Working Paper (2007)

Document published while its authors were not affiliated with Polytechnique Montréal

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Department: Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Research Center: CIRRELT - Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation
PolyPublie URL: https://publications.polymtl.ca/55023/
Report number: CIRRELT-2007-46
Official URL: https://www.cirrelt.ca/documentstravail/cirrelt-20...
Date Deposited: 11 Sep 2023 10:58
Last Modified: 11 Sep 2023 10:58
Cite in APA 7: Mohan, S., Gendreau, M., & Rousseau, J.-M. (2007). Heuristics for the stochastic eulerian tour problem. (Working Paper n° CIRRELT-2007-46). https://www.cirrelt.ca/documentstravail/cirrelt-2007-46.pdf


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