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Output-Feedback Control of a Chaotic MEMS Resonator for Oscillation Amplitude Enhancement

Alexander Jimenez-Triana, Guchuan Zhu and Lahcen Saydy

Article (2014)

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Cite this document: Jimenez-Triana, A., Zhu, G. & Saydy, L. (2014). Output-Feedback Control of a Chaotic MEMS Resonator for Oscillation Amplitude Enhancement. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2014, p. 1-13. doi:10.1155/2014/745963
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The present work addresses the problem of chaos control in an electrostatic MEMS resonator by using an output-feedback control scheme. One of the unstable orbits immersed in the chaotic attractor is stabilized in order to produce a sustained oscillation of the movable plate composing the microstructure. The orbit is carefully chosen so as to produce a high amplitude oscillation. This approach allows the enhancement of oscillation amplitude of the resonator at a reduced control effort, since the unstable orbit already exists in the system and it is not necessary to spend energy to create it. Realistic operational conditions of the MEMS are considered including parametric uncertainties in the model and constraints due to the difficulty in measuring the speed of the plates of the microstructure. A control law is constructed recursively by using the technique of backstepping. Finally, numerical simulations are carried out to confirm the validity of the developed control scheme and to demonstrate the effect of controlling orbits immersed in the chaotic attractor.

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Journal Title: Mathematical Problems in Engineering (vol. 2014)
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