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A manufactured solution for a two-dimensional steady wall-bounded incompressible turbulent flow

Luis Eca, Martin Hoekstra, Alexander Hay and Dominique Pelletier

Technical Report (2005)

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Cite this document: Eca, L., Hoekstra, M., Hay, A. & Pelletier, D. (2005). A manufactured solution for a two-dimensional steady wall-bounded incompressible turbulent flow (Technical Report n° EPM-RT-2005-08).
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This report presents a Manufactured Solution for code and calculation verification of two-dimensional, steady, wall-bounded, incompressible, turbulent flows. Although the proposed solution does not reproduce exactly all the features of a near-wall turbulent flow, several of the numerical difficulties of the calculation of such flows are included in the present manufactured solution. The specified flow field satisfies mass conservation, but it requires additional source terms in the momentum equations. Manufactured solutions are also proposed for the turbulence quantities of six eddy-viscosity turbulence models: the one-equation models of Spalart & Allmaras and Menter; the standard two-equation k−ε model and the Low-Reynolds version proposed by Chien; the TNT and BSL versions of the k−ω model. The report describes the prescribed flow field for all the flow quantities and it presents all the source functions required to guarantee that the manufactured solutions satisfy the momentum equations and the transport equations of the turbulence quantities used by each of the six turbulence models. The list of FORTRAN functions that include all the information required to solve numerically the present manufactured solution is presented in appendix.

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Subjects: 2100 Génie mécanique > 2100 Génie mécanique
2100 Génie mécanique > 2107 Modélisation, simulation et méthodes des éléments finis
2200 Mécanique des fluides > 2201 Turbulence
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Report number: EPM-RT-2005-08


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