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Boyer, M., Brassard, G., Godbout, N., Liss, R., & Virally, S. (2023). Simple and Rigorous Proof Method for the Security of Practical Quantum Key Distribution in the Single-Qubit Regime Using Mismatched Basis Measurements. Quantum Reports, 5(1), 52-77. External link

Bolduc Beaudoin, S., Reulet, B., Virally, S., & Lupien, C. (2022, March). Statistics of broadband microwave photons [Paper]. 2022 APS March Meeting, Chicago, Illinois. External link


Cusson, P., Virally, S., & Seletskiy, D. (2020, May). Quantum-Enhanced Electro-Optic Sampling [Paper]. Photonics North (PN 2021), Toronto, ON, Canada (1 page). External link

Cusson, P., Virally, S., & Seletskiy, D. (2021, May). Subcycle sampling of quantum fields with nonclassical temporal gates [Paper]. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO 2021), San Jose, CA, USA (2 pages). External link


Ducharme, É., Virally, S., Becerra-Deana, R. I., Boudoux, C., & Godbout, N. (2022). Viscosity of fluoride glass fibers for fused components fabrication. Applied Optics, 61(17), 5031-5039. External link


Kudlinski, A., Bendahmane, A., Labat, D., Virally, S., Murray, R. T., Kelleher, E. J. R., & Mussot, A. (2013). Simultaneous scalar and cross-phase modulation instabilities in highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber. Optics Express, 21(7), 8437-8443. External link


Séguin, A., Becerra-Deana, R. I., Virally, S., Boudoux, C., & Godbout, N. (2023). Fabrication and characterization of indium fluoride multimode fused fiber couplers for the mid-infrared. Optics Express, 31(20), 33670-33678. External link

Simoneau, J. O., Virally, S., Lupien, C., & Reulet, B. (2022). Photocount statistics of the Josephson parametric amplifier. Physical Review Research, 4(1), 8 pages. External link

Slater, J. A., Corbeil, J.-S., Virally, S., Bussières, F., Kudlinski, A., Bouwmans, G., Lacroix, S., Godbout, N., & Tittel, W. (2010). Microstructured fiber source of photon pairs at widely separated wavelengths. Optics Letters, 35(4), 499-501. External link


Virally, S., Cusson, P., & Seletskiy, D. (2022, July). A Time-Domain Perspective of Quantum Electro-Optic Sampling [Paper]. International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena (UP) 2022, Montreal, Quebec. External link

Virally, S. (2014). Conception de sources non-classiques dans les fibres optiques [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available

Virally, S., Lacroix, S., & Godbout, N. (2010). Limits of heralded single-photon sources based on parametric photon-pair generation. Physical Review A, 81(1), 013808 (5 pages). Available


Zhang, H., Virally, S., Bao, Q., Ping, L. K., Massar, S., Godbout, N., & Kockaert, P. (2013). Erratum: Z-Scan Measurement of the Refractive Index of Graphene. Optics Letters, 38(9), 1566-1566. External link

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