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Chernomyrdin, N. V., Lavrukhin, D. V., Ulitko, V. E., Galiev, R. R., Gavdush, A. A., Anzin, V. B., Perov, A. N., Katyba, G. M., Tuchin, V. V., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Reshetov, I. V., Ponomarev, D. S., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2022). Continuously tunable middle-IR bandpass filters based on gradient metal-hole arrays for multispectral sensing and thermography. Journal of Applied Physics, 131(12), 10 pages. External link

Katyba, G. M., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Melikyants, D. G., Chernomyrdin, N. V., Perov, A. N., Yakovlev, E. V., Dolganova, I. N., Spektor, I. E., Tuchin, V. V., Kurlov, V. N., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2022). Superresolution Imaging Using a Tapered Bundle of High-Refractive-Index Optical Fibers. Physical Review Applied, 18(3), 10 pages. External link

Chernomyrdin, N. V., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Ponomarev, D. S., Bukin, V. V., Tuchin, V. V., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2022). Terahertz solid immersion microscopy: Recent achievements and challenges. Applied Physics Letters, 120(11), 11 pages. External link


Kucheryavenko, A. S., Chernomyrdin, N. V., Gavdush, A. A., Alekseeva, A. I., Nikitin, P. V., Dolganova, I. N., Karalkin, P. A., Khalansky, A. S., Spektor, I. E., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Tuchin, V. V., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2021). Terahertz dielectric spectroscopy and solid immersion microscopy of ex vivo glioma model 1018: brain tissue heterogeneity. Biomedical Optics Express, 12(8), 5272-5289. Available

Chernomyrdin, N. V., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Gavdush, A. A., Musina, G. R., Katyba, G. M., Komandin, G. A., Khorokhorov, A. M., Spektor, I. E., Tuchin, V. V., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2021). Quantitative super-resolution solid immersion microscopy via refractive index profile reconstruction. Optica, 8(11), 1471-1480. External link


Zaytsev, K. I., Dolganova, I. N., Chernomyrdin, N. V., Katyba, G. M., Gavdush, A. A., Cherkasova, O. P., Komandin, G. A., Shchedrina, M. A., Khodan, A. N., Ponomarev, D. S., Reshetov, I. V., Karasik, V. E., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Kurlov, V. N., & Tuchin, V. V. (2020). The progress and perspectives of terahertz technology for diagnosis of neoplasms: A review. Journal of Optics (United Kingdom), 22(1), 45 pages. External link

Zaytsev, K. I., Katyba, G. M., Chernomyrdin, N. V., Dolganova, I. N., Kucheryavenko, A. S., Rossolenko, A. N., Tuchin, V. V., Kurlov, V. N., & Skorobogatiy, M. A. (2020, September). Sapphire fiber bundles for terahertz imaging with spatial resolution beyond the Abbe limit [Abstract]. Chinese-Russian Workshop on Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics 2020. External link


Chernomyrdin, N. V., Kucheryavenko, A. S., Kolontaeva, G. S., Katyba, G. M., Dolganova, I. N., Karalkin, P. A., Ponomarev, D. S., Kurlov, V. N., Reshetov, I. V., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Tuchin, V. V., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2018). Reflection-mode continuous-wave 0.15 lambda-resolution terahertz solid immersion microscopy of soft biological tissues. Applied Physics Letters, 113(11), 111102 (4 pages). External link

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