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Al Sammane, G., Zaki, M. H., Tahar, S., & Bois, G. (2007, August). Constraint-based verification of delta-sigma modulators using interval analysis [Paper]. 50th Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS 2007), Montreal, Qc, Canada (4 pages). External link


Barkaoui, K., Boucheneb, H., Mili, A., & Tahar, S. (2017, August). Verification and evaluation of computer and communication systems [Paper]. 11th International Conference on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems (VECoS 2017), Montréal, Québec. External link


Cheikh, T. L. B., Aguiar, A., Tahar, S., & Nicolescu, G. (2015). Tuning framework for stencil computation in heterogeneous parallel platforms. Journal of Supercomputing, 72(2), 468-502. External link

Cheikh, T. L. B., Beltrame, G., Nicolescu, G., Cheriet, F., & Tahar, S. (2012, June). Parallelization strategies of the canny edge detector for multi-core CPUs and many-core GPUs [Paper]. 10th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS 2012), Montréal, Québec. External link


Dong, Z. J., Zaki, M. H., Sammane, G. A., Tahar, S., & Bois, G. (2007, December). Checking properties of PLL designs using run-time verification [Paper]. Internatonal Conference on Microelectronics (ICM 2007), Cairo, Egypt (4 pages). External link


Soualhia, M., Khomh, F., & Tahar, S. (2021, September). Failure analysis of hadoop schedulers using an integration of model checking and simulation [Paper]. 9th International Symposium on Symbolic Computation in Software Science (SCSS 2021). External link

Soualhia, M., Khomh, F., & Tahar, S. (2020). A Dynamic and Failure-aware Task Scheduling Framework for Hadoop. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 8(2), 553-569. External link

Soualhia, M., Khomh, F., & Tahar, S. (2017). Task Scheduling in Big Data Platforms: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Systems and Software, 134(Supplement), 170-189. External link

Soualhia, M., Khomh, F., & Tahar, S. (2015). ATLAS: a failure-aware scheduler for Hadoop. (Technical Report). External link

Soualhia, M., Khomh, F., & Tahar, S. (2015, August). Predicting scheduling failures in the cloud: A case study with google clusters and hadoop on Amazon EMR [Paper]. 17th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, IEEE 7th International Symposium on Cyberspace Safety and Security and IEEE 12th International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems (HPCC-ICESS-CSS 2015), New York, NY, United states. External link


Zaki, M. H., Denman, W., Tahar, S., & Bois, G. (2009). Integrating abstraction techniques for formal verification of analog designs. Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information and Communication, 6(5), 373-392. External link

Zaki, M. H., Al-Sammane, G., Tahar, S., & Bois, G. (2007, November). Combining Symbolic Simulation and Interval Arithmetic for the Verification of AMS Designs [Paper]. Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design (FMCAD 2007), Austin, TX, USA (9 pages). External link

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