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Cherubini, F., Fuglestvedt, J., Gasser, T., Reisinger, A., Cavalett, O., Huijbregts, M. A. J., Johansson, D. J. A., Jørgensen, S. V., Raugei, M., Schivley, G., Strømman, A. H., Tanaka, K., & Levasseur, A. (2016). Bridging the gap between impact assessment methods and climate science. Environmental Science & Policy, 64, 129-140. External link


Ellingsen, L. A.-W., Hung, C. R., Majeau-Bettez, G., Singh, B., Chen, Z., Whittingham, M. S., & Strømman, A. H. (2016). Nanotechnology for environmentally sustainable electromobility. Nature Nanotechnology, 11(12), 1039-1051. Available

Ellingsen, L. A.-W., Majeau-Bettez, G., & Strømman, A. H. (2015). Comment on "The significance of Li-ion batteries in electric vehicle life-cycle energy and emissions and recycling's role in its reduction" in Energy & Environmental Science. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 19(3), 518-519. External link

Ellingsen, L. A.-W., Majeau-Bettez, G., Singh, B., Srivastava, A. K., Valøen, L. O., & Strømman, A. H. (2014). Life Cycle Assessment of a Lithium-Ion Battery Vehicle Pack. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 18(1), 113--124-113--124. External link


Hung, C. R., Kishimoto, P., Krey, V., Strømman, A. H., & Majeau-Bettez, G. (2022). ECOPT2: An adaptable life cycle assessment model for the environmentally constrained optimization of prospective technology transitions. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 26(5), 1616-1630. External link

Hung, C. R., Völler, S., Agez, M., Majeau-Bettez, G., & Strømman, A. H. (2021). Regionalized climate footprints of battery electric vehicles in Europe. Journal of Cleaner Production, 322, 129052. Available

Hawkins, T. R., Singh, B., Majeau-Bettez, G., & Strømman, A. H. (2013). Comparative Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional and Electric Vehicles. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 17(1), 53-64. External link


Majeau-Bettez, G., Dandres, T., Pauliuk, S., Wood, R., Hertwich, E., Samson, R., & Strømman, A. H. (2018). Choice of allocations and constructs for attributional or consequential life cycle assessment and input-output analysis. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 22(4), 656-670. Available

Majeau-Bettez, G., Cherubini, F., Strømman, A. H., & Samson, R. (2017, May). Respecting material and energy balance in attributional LCA: reducing the influence of allocation [Paper]. 11th Society and Materials International Conference (SAM 11), Trondheim, Norway. Unavailable

Majeau-Bettez, G., Agez, M., Wood, R., Strømman, A. H., & Samson, R. (2017, June). Streamlined hybridization software: merging Ecoinvent and Exiobase [Paper]. 9th biennial conference of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE), Chicago. Unavailable

Majeau-Bettez, G., Pauliuk, S., Wood, R., Bouman, E. A., & Strømman, A. H. (2016). Balance issues in input–output analysis: A comment on physical inhomogeneity, aggregation bias, and coproduction. Ecological Economics, 126, 188-197. Available

Majeau-Bettez, G., Wood, R., & Strømman, A. H. (2016). On the financial balance of input–output constructs: revisiting an axiomatic evaluation. Economic Systems Research, 28(3), 333-343. Available

Majeau-Bettez, G., Wood, R., & Strømman, A. H. (2014). Unified Theory of Allocations and Constructs in Life Cycle Assessment and Input-Output Analysis. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 18(5), 747-770. External link

Majeau-Bettez, G., Strømman, A. H., & Hertwich, E. G. (2011, September). Evaluation of process- and Input-Output-based Life Cycle Inventory Data with Regard to Truncation and Aggregation Issues [Paper]. 45th LCA Discussion Forum: Environmentally-extended input-output-analysis and LCA, Ittigen. Unavailable

Majeau-Bettez, G., Strømman, A. H., & Hertwich, E. G. (2011). Evaluation of process- and input-output-based life cycle inventory data with regard to truncation and aggregation issues. Environmental Science & Technology, 45(23), 10170-10177. External link

Majeau-Bettez, G., Hawkins, T. R., & Strømman, A. H. (2011). Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of Li-ion and Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries for Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles. Environmental Science & Technology, 45(10), 4548-4554. External link


Stadler, K., Lonka, R., Bouman, E., Majeau-Bettez, G., & Strømman, A. H. (2017, September). The Industrial Ecology Digital Lab [Paper]. EnviroInfo 2017, Luxembourg. External link

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