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Allen, D., Weiss, L., Saguy, A., Rosenberg, M., Iancu, O., Matalon, O., Lee, C., Beider, K., Nagler, A., Shechtman, Y., & Hendel, A. (2022). High-throughput Imaging of CRISPR- and Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus-induced DNA Damage Response in Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells. Crispr Journal, 5(1), 80-94. External link

Adir, O., Albalak, M. R., Abel, R., Weiss, L., Chen, G., Gruber, A., Staufer, O., Kurman, Y., Kaminer, I., Shklover, J., Shainsky-Roitman, J., Platzman, I., Gepstein, L., Shechtman, Y., Horwitz, B. A., & Schroeder, A. (2022). Synthetic cells with self-activating optogenetic proteins communicate with natural cells. Nature Communications, 13(1), 13 pages. External link


Ferdman, B., Nehme, E., Weiss, L., Orange, R., Alalouf, O., & Shechtman, Y. (2020). VIPR: vectorial implementation of phase retrieval for fast and accurate microscopic pixel-wise pupil estimation. Optics Express, 28(7), 10179-10198. External link

Ferdman, B., Weiss, L., Alalouf, O., Haimovich, Y., & Shechtman, Y. (2018). Ultrasensitive Refractometry via Supercritical Angle Fluorescence. ACS Nano, 12(12), 11892-11898. External link


Gordon-Soffer, R., Weiss, L., Eshel, R., Ferdman, B., Nehme, E., Bercovici, M., & Shechtman, Y. (2020). Microscopic scan-free surface profiling over extended axial ranges by point-spread-function engineering. Sci Adv, 6(44). External link

Granik, N., Weiss, L., Nehme, E., Levin, M., Chein, M., Perlson, E., Roichman, Y., & Shechtman, Y. (2019). Single-Particle Diffusion Characterization by Deep Learning. Biophysical Journal, 117(2), 185-192. External link


Hershko, E., Weiss, L., Michaeli, T., & Shechtman, Y. (2019). Multicolor localization microscopy and point-spread-function engineering by deep learning. Optics Express, 27(5), 6158-6183. External link


Naor, T., Nogin, Y., Nehme, E., Ferdman, B., Weiss, L., Alalouf, O., & Shechtman, Y. (2022). Quantifying cell cycle dependent chromatin dynamics during interphase by live 3D tracking. iScience, 25(5), 18 pages. External link

Nehme, E., Ferdman, B., Weiss, L., Naor, T., Freedman, D., Michaeli, T., & Shechtman, Y. (2021). Learning Optimal Wavefront Shaping for Multi-Channel Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 43(7), 2179-2192. External link

Nehme, E., Freedman, D., Gordon, R., Ferdman, B., Weiss, L., Alalouf, O., Naor, T., Orange, R., Michaeli, T., & Shechtman, Y. (2020). DeepSTORM3D: dense 3D localization microscopy and PSF design by deep learning. Nature Methods, 17(7), 734-740. External link

Nehme, E., Weiss, L., Michaeli, T., & Shechtman, Y. (2018). Deep-STORM: super-resolution single-molecule microscopy by deep learning. Optica, 5(4), 458-464. External link


Orange-Kedem, R., Nehme, E., Weiss, L., Ferdman, B., Alalouf, O., Opatovski, N., & Shechtman, Y. (2021). 3D printable diffractive optical elements by liquid immersion. Nature Communications, 12(1), 3067-3067. External link

Opatovski, N., Shalev Ezra, Y., Weiss, L., Ferdman, B., Orange-Kedem, R., & Shechtman, Y. (2021). Multiplexed PSF Engineering for Three-Dimensional Multicolor Particle Tracking. Nano Letters, 21(13), 5888-5895. External link


Sedov, E., Koren, E., Chopra, S., Ankawa, R., Yosefzon, Y., Yusupova, M., Weiss, L., Mahly, A., Soffer, A., Feldman, A., Luxenburg, C., Shechtman, Y., & Fuchs, Y. (2022). THY1-mediated mechanisms converge to drive YAP activation in skin homeostasis and repair. Nature Cell Biology, 24(7), 1049-1063. External link

Saguy, A., Baldering, T. N., Weiss, L., Nehme, E., Karathanasis, C., Dietz, M. S., Heilemann, M., & Shechtman, Y. (2021). Automated Analysis of Fluorescence Kinetics in Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy Data Reveals Protein Stoichiometry. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 125(22), 5716-5721. External link

Shechtman, Y., Weiss, L., Backer, A. S., Lee, M. Y., & Moerner, W. E. (2016). Multicolour localization microscopy by point-spread-function engineering. Nature Photonics, 10(9), 590-594. External link

Shechtman, Y., Weiss, L., Backer, A. S., Sahl, S. J., & Moerner, W. E. (2015). Precise Three-Dimensional Scan-Free Multiple-Particle Tracking over Large Axial Ranges with Tetrapod Point Spread Functions. Nano Letters, 15(6), 4194-4199. External link


Weiss, L., Shalev Ezra, Y., Goldberg, S., Ferdman, B., Adir, O., Schroeder, A., Alalouf, O., & Shechtman, Y. (2020). Three-dimensional localization microscopy in live flowing cells. Nature Nanotechnology, 15(6), 500-506. External link

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