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Coudray, P., Chisham, J., Malek-Tabrizi, A., Li, C.-Y., Andrews, M. P., Peyghambarian, N., & Najafi, S. I. (1996). Ultraviolet light imprinted sol-gel silica glass waveguide devices on silicon. Optics Communications, 128(1-3), 19-22. External link


François, V., Ohtsuki, T., Peyghambarian, N., & Najafi, S. I. (1995). Thermally silver ion exchanged integrated-optic lasers in neodymium-doped silicate glass. Optics Communications, 119(1-2), 104-108. External link


Guerreiro, P. T., Lee, S. G., Rodrigues, A. S., Hu, Y. Z., Wright, E. M., Najafi, S. I., Mackenzie, J., & Peyghambarian, N. (1996). Femtosecond pulse propagation near a two-photon transition in a semiconductor quantum-dot waveguide. Optics Letters, 21(9), 659-661. External link


Li, C.-Y., Chisham, J., Andrews, M., Najafi, S. I., Mackenzie, J. D., & Peyghambarian, N. (1995). Sol-gel integrated optical coupler by ultraviolet light imprinting. Electronics Letters, 31(4), 271-272. External link


Ohtsuki, T., Honkanen, S., Najafi, S. I., & Peyghambarian, N. (1997). Cooperative upconversion effects on the performance of er3+-doped phosphate glass waveguide amplifiers. Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical Physics, 14(7), 1838-1845. External link

Ohtsuki, T., Peyghambarian, N., Honkanen, S., & Najafi, S. I. (1995). Gain characteristics of a high concentration Er³⁺ doped phosphate glass waveguide. Journal of Applied Physics, 78(6), 3617-3621. External link


Peyghambarian, N., Tajalli, H., Wright, E. M., Koch, S. W., Najafi, S. I., Hulin, D., & Mackenzie, J. D. (1994, July). Quantum dot glass integrated optical devices [Paper]. Glass Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Devices: A Critical Review, San Diego, CA, USA. External link

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