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Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G., Gheribi, A. E., Lafaye, P., Oishi, K., Masse, J.-P., Bousser, É., L'Espérance, G., & Harvey, J.-P. (2024). Synthesis and characterization of (Al,Si)₃(Zr,Ti)-D0₂₂/D0₂₃ intermetallics: Understanding the stability of silicon substitution. Acta Materialia, 262, 119455 (18 pages). Available

Chakraborty, A., Muhammad, W., Masse, J.-P., Tangestani, R., Ghasri-Khouzani, M., Wessman, A., & Martin, É. (2023). Role of alloy composition on micro-cracking mechanisms in additively manufactured Ni-based superalloys. ACTA Materialia, 255, 16 pages. External link

Chakraborty, A., Tangestani, R., Muhammad, W., Sabiston, T., Masse, J.-P., Batmaz, R., Wessman, A., & Martin, É. (2022). Micro-cracking mechanism of RENE 108 thin-wall components built by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing. Materials Today Communications, 30, 103139 (14 pages). External link

Sioui-Latulippe, O., Beaulieu, P., Boisvert, M., Masse, J.-P., Christopherson, D., & L'Espérance, G. (2021). The Characterization of a Gas-Atomized Ferritic Steel Powder Pre-alloyed with 6 Wt Pct Aluminum. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 52(7), 3051-3063. External link

Fournier-Lupien, J.-H., Lacroix, C., Huh, J., Masse, J.-P., Bellemare, J., & Sirois, F. (2021). Effect of annealing on HTS tapes with a cerium oxide layer inserted between the REBaCuO and silver layers. Materialia, 15, 8 pages. External link

Da Silveira Fleck, A., Catto, C., L'Espérance, G., Masse, J.-P., Roberge, B., & Debia, M. (2020). Characterization and Quantification of Ultrafine Particles and Carbonaceous Components from Occupational Exposures to Diesel Particulate Matter in Selected Workplaces. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 64(5), 490-502. External link

Brunner, P.-L. M., Masse, J.-P., L'Espérance, G., & Wuest, J. D. (2020). Imaging layers in thin-film molecular devices by transmission electron microscopy, using milling by focused ion beams and deposition on NaCl and Si. Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 98(9), 582-588. External link

Ilia, E., Plamondon, P., Masse, J.-P., & L'Espérance, G. (2019). Copper precipitation at engine operating temperatures in powder-forged connecting rods manufactured with Fe–Cu–C alloys. Materials Science & Engineering A, 767, 138383 (9 pages). Available

Debia, M., Catto, C., Fleck, A., Masse, J.-P., L'Espérance, G., & Roberge, B. (2019). Caractérisation des particules nanométriques non intentionnelles émises dans différents milieux de travail. (Technical Report n° R-1075). External link

Beaudet, F., Blais, C., Lehuy, H., Voyzelle, B., L'Espérance, G., Masse, J.-P., & Krishnadev, M. (2012). Improvement of Hardenability and Static Mechanical Properties of P20+0.5ni Mold Steel Through Additions of Vanadium and Boron. ISIJ International, 52(3), 424-433. External link

Martinu, L., Amassian, A., Lamarre, J.-M., Larouche, S., Masse, J.-P., & Vernhes, R. (2006). Plasma-Based Inhomogeneous Dielectric Film Systems for Optics and Photonics: Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2005-01(8), 388 (1 page). External link

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