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Addi, C., Murschel, F., Liberelle, B., Riahi, N., & De Crescenzo, G. (2017). A highly versatile adaptor protein for the tethering of growth factors to gelatin-based biomaterials. Acta Biomaterialia, 50, 198-206. External link


Boespflug, G., Maire, M., Liberelle, B., De Crescenzo, G., Lerouge, S., & Wertheimer, M. R. (2016, September). Chemical Aspects of Endothelial Cell Adhesion and -Growth for Vascular Grafts [Paper]. 6th international conference on plasma medicine, Bratislava, Slovakia. Unavailable

Boucher, C., Liberelle, B., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., & De Crescenzo, G. (2009). Epidermal Growth Factor Tethered Through Coiled-Coil Interactions Induces Cell Surface Receptor Phosphorylation. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 20(8), 1569-1577. External link


Charbonneau, C., Liberelle, B., Hebert, M.-J., De Crescenzo, G., & Lerouge, S. (2011). Stimulation of cell growth and resistance to apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cells on a chondroitin sulfate/epidermal growth factor coating. Biomaterials, 32(6), 1591-1600. External link


Gancheva, T., Gazil, O., Drevelle, O., Liberelle, B., Sarazin, P., Faucheux, N., & Virgilio, N. (2018, May). Caractérisation des NPs dans des matrices polymères et hydrogels [Presentation]. In 5e Atelier du GDRI Nanomatériaux Multifonctionnels Contrôlés, Port Argelès, France. Unavailable


Lequoy, P., Murschel, F., Liberelle, B., Lerouge, S., & De Crescenzo, G. (2016). Controlled co-immobilization of EGF and VEGF to optimize vascular cell survival. Acta Biomaterialia, 29, 239-247. External link

Liberelle, B., Merzouki, A., & De Crescenzo, G. (2013). Immobilized Carboxymethylated Dextran Coatings for Enhanced ELISA. Journal of Immunological Methods, 389(1-2), 38-44. External link

Liberelle, B., Boucher, C., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., & De Crescenzo, G. (2010). Impact of epidermal growth factor tethering strategy on cellular response. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 21(12), 2257-2266. External link

Liberelle, B., Bartholin, L., Boucher, C., Murschel, F., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., Merzouki, A., & De Crescenzo, G. (2010). New Elisa Approach Based on Coiled-Coil Interactions. Journal of Immunological Methods, 362(1-2), 161-167. External link


Murschel, F., Liberelle, B., St-Laurent, G., Jolicoeur, M., Durocher, Y., & De Crescenzo, G. (2013). Coiled-Coil-Mediated Grafting of Bioactive Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Acta Biomaterialia, 9(6), 6806-6813. External link


Noel, S., Liberelle, B., Robitaille, L., & De Crescenzo, G. (2011). Quantification of primary amine groups available for subsequent biofunctionalization of polymer surfaces. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 22(8), 1690-1699. External link

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