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Li, N., Tous, C., Dimov, I. P., Fei, P., Zhang, Q., Lessard, S., Moran, G., Jin, N., Kadoury, S., Tang, A., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2023). Design of a Patient-Specific Respiratory-Motion-Simulating Platform for In Vitro 4D Flow MRI. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 51(5), 1028-1039. External link

Li, N., Tous, C., Dimov, I. P., Fei, P., Zhang, Q., Lessard, S., Tang, A., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2023). Design of a Low-cost, Self-adaptive and MRI-compatible Cardiac Gating System. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 70(11), 3126-3136. External link

Li, N., Tous, C., Dimov, I. P., Cadoret, D., Fei, P., Majedi, Y., Lessard, S., Nosrati, Z., Saatchi, K., Hafeli, U., Tang, A., Kadoury, S., Martel, S., & Soulez, G. (2022). Quantification and 3D localization of magnetically navigated superparamagnetic particles using MRI in phantom and swine chemoembolization models. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 69(8), 2616-2627. External link

Lessard, S., Plantefeve, R., Michaud, F., Huet, C., Soulez, G., & Kadoury, S. (2018, September). Blood-flow estimation in the hepatic arteries based on 3D/2D angiography registration [Paper]. 7th Joint International Workshop on Computing and Visualization for Intravascular Imaging and Computer Assisted Stenting (CVII-STENT 2018) and the 3rd International Workshop on Large-Scale Annotation of Biomedical Data and Expert Label Synthesis, (LABELS, Granada, Spain. External link


Picot, F., Goyette, A., Obaid, S., Desroches, J., Lessard, S., Tremblay, M.-A., Strupler, M., Wilson, B., Petrecca, K., Soulez, G., & Leblond, F. (2019). Interstitial imaging with multiple diffusive reflectance spectroscopy projections for in vivo blood vessels detection during brain needle biopsy procedures. Neurophotonics, 6(2), 025003 (8 pages). Available

Picot, F., Goyette, A., Pichette, J., Tremblay, M.-A., Desroches, J., Obaid, S., Lessard, S., Soulez, G., & Leblond, F. (2018, April). Diffusive reflectance spectroscopy to enhance safety during brain biopsy procedure [Paper]. Biophotonics Congress (Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy 2018), Hollywood, Florida. External link


Tous, C., Li, N., Dimov, I. P., Kadoury, S., Tang, A., Hafeli, U. O., Nosrati, Z., Saatchi, K., Moran, G., Couch, M. J., Martel, S., Lessard, S., & Soulez, G. (2021). Navigation of Microrobots by MRI: Impact of Gravitational, Friction and Thrust Forces on Steering Success. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 49(12), 3724-3736. External link

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