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Azari, R. K., Lan, T., & Santato, C. (2023). On the factors affecting the response time of synaptic ion-gated transistors. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 11(24), 8293-8299. External link


Cai, L., Yin, H., Lan, Y., Lan, T., Wu, X., Karaagac, U., Mahseredjian, J., Eckel, H.-G., & Weber, H. (2020, July). Analysis of impact of harmonic disturbances on the mechanical system of wind turbine [Paper]. 21st IFAC World Congress 2020, Berlin, Germany. Published in IFAC-PapersOnLine, 53(2). External link


Lan, T. (2020). Organic Ion-Gated Transistors [Ph.D. thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available

Lan, T., Gao, Z., Barbosa, M. S., & Santato, C. (2020). Flexible Ion-Gated Transistors Making Use of Poly-3-hexylthiophene (P3HT): Effect of the Molecular Weight on the Effectiveness of Gating and Device Performance. Journal of Electronic Materials, 49(9), 5302-5307. External link

Lan, T., Belanger, F., Soavi, F., & Santato, C. (2019). Ambient-stable, ion-gated poly[N-9- heptadecanyl-2,7-carbazole-alt-5,5-(4,7-di-2-thienyl-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole)] (PCDTBT) transistors and phototransistors. Organic Electronics, 74, 265-268. External link

Lan, T., Soavi, F., Marcaccio, M., Brunner, P.-L., Sayago, J., & Santato, C. (2018). Electrolyte-gated transistors based on phenyl-C-61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) films: bridging redox properties, charge carrier transport and device performance. Chemical Communications, 54(43), 5490-5493. External link


Poli, F., Herrera, J. R., Lan, T., Kumar, P., Santato, C., & Soavi, F. (2023). Electronic properties of lithium-ion battery cathodes studied in ion-gated transistor configuration. iScience, 26(1), 105888 (12 pages). External link

Poli, F., Lan, T., Herrera, J. R., Santato, C., Cicoira, F., & Soavi, F. (2020). Transbattery, a Novel Class of Device to Study Electronic Properties of Nanostructured Materials for Energetics. ECS Meeting Abstracts, MA2020-01(A02 : Lith), 325-325. External link

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