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Katyba, G. M., Lebedev, S. P., Kucheryavenko, A. S., Dolganova, I. N., Chernomyrdin, N. V., Burdanova, M. G., Spektor, I. E., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Kurlov, V. N., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2024). Terahertz refractometry of hard-to-access objects using the sapphire endoscope suitable for harsh environments. Applied Physics Letters, 124(24), 6 pages. External link

Cherkasova, O. P., Serdyukov, D. S., Nemova, E. F., Ratushnyak, A. S., Kucheryavenko, A. S., Dolganova, I. N., Xu, G., Skorobogatiy, M. A., Reshetov, I. V., Timashev, P. S., Spektor, I. E., Zaytsev, K. I., & Tuchin, V. V. (2021). Cellular effects of terahertz waves. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 26(9), 53 pages. External link

Zaytsev, K. I., Katyba, G. M., Chernomyrdin, N. V., Dolganova, I. N., Kucheryavenko, A. S., Rossolenko, A. N., Tuchin, V. V., Kurlov, V. N., & Skorobogatiy, M. A. (2020). Overcoming the Abbe Diffraction Limit Using a Bundle of Metal-Coated High-Refractive-Index Sapphire Optical Fibers. Advanced Optical Materials, 8(18), 10 pages. External link

Chernomyrdin, N. V., Kucheryavenko, A. S., Kolontaeva, G. S., Katyba, G. M., Dolganova, I. N., Karalkin, P. A., Ponomarev, D. S., Kurlov, V. N., Reshetov, I. V., Tuchin, V. V., Skorobogatiy, M. A., & Zaytsev, K. I. (2020, February). Principles of solid immersion imaging and its application to super resolution microscopy of soft biological tissues in the terahertz spectral range [Paper]. SPIE Medical Imaging, Houston, Texas, USA. External link

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