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Hudon, N., Guay, M., Perrier, M., & Dochain, D. (2008). Adaptive Extremum-Seeking Control of Convection-Reaction Distributed Reactor With Limited Actuation. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 32(12), 2994-3001. External link

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Schoefs, O., Dochain, D., Chapuis, R. P., Samson, R., & Perrier, M. (2003, August). Identification and On-Line Estimation of the Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Presence of Forced Air Convection Based on a Distributed-Parameter Model [Paper]. 13th IFAC Symposium on System Identification (SYSID 2003), Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Published in IFAC Proceedings, 36(16). External link

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Renou, S., Perrier, M., Dochain, D., & Gendron, S. (2000, May). Nonlinear control design for pulp bleaching [Paper]. Control Systems 2000. Quantifying the Benefits of Process Control. Preprint, Victoria, BC, Canada. Unavailable

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Perrier, M., Aoufoussi, H., Chaouki, J., Chavarie, C., & Dochain, D. (1992). Feedback linearizing control of a fluidized bed reactor. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 70(2), 356-367. External link

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