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Erdenedalai, K., Maltais-Tariant, R., Dehaes, M., & Boudoux, C. (2024). MCOCT: an experimentally and numerically validated, open-source Monte Carlo simulator for optical coherence tomography. Biomedical Optics Express, 15(2), 624-640. External link


Brais-Brunet, S., Maltais-Tariant, R., Boudoux, C., & Dehaes, M. (2023, June). Development of a Multifocal OCT Lens System and an Eye-Mimicking Phantom for Murine Eye Imaging [Paper]. Photonics North (PN 2023), Montreal, Qc, Canada (1 page). External link

Maltais-Tariant, R., Becerra-Deana, R. I., Brais-Brunet, S., Dehaes, M., & Boudoux, C. (2023). Speckle contrast reduction through the use of a modally-specific photonic lantern for optical coherence tomography. Biomedical Optics Express, 14(12), 6250-6259. External link


de Sivry-Houle, M. P., Beaudoin, S. B., Brais-Brunet, S., Dehaes, M., Godbout, N., & Boudoux, C. (2021). All-fiber few-mode optical coherence tomography using a modally-specific photonic lantern. Biomedical Optics Express, 12(9), 5704-5719. Available

Brais-Brunet, S., Heckel, É., Kanniyappan, U., Chemtob, S., Boudoux, C., Joyal, J.-S., & Dehaes, M. (2021). Morphometric and Microstructural Changes During Murine Retinal Development Characterized Using In Vivo Optical Coherence Tomography. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 62(13), 12 pages. External link


Brais-Brunet, S., Kanniyappan, U., Hosseiny, H., Heckel, E., Joyal, J.-S., Boudoux, C., & Dehaes, M. (2019, May). Development of Instrumentation and Methods to Image the Retina in Mouse Pup with in vivo Non-Invasive Optical Coherence Tomography [Paper]. Photonics North (PN 2019), Québec, Qc, Canada. External link


Lopez Rios, N., Pouliot, P., Papoutsis, K., Foias, A., Stikov, N., Lesage, F., Dehaes, M., & Cohen-Adad, J. (2018). Design and construction of an optimized transmit/receive hybrid birdcage resonator to improve full body images of medium-sized animals in 7T scanner. PLOS One, 13(2), e0192035 (14 pages). Available

Lopez Rios, N., Foias, A., Lodygensky, G., Dehaes, M., & Cohen-Adad, J. (2018). Size-adaptable 13-channel receive array for brain MRI in human neonates at 3T. NMR in Biomedicine, 31(8), 12 pages. External link


Auger, H., Bherer, L., Boucher, E., Hoge, R., Lesage, F., & Dehaes, M. (2016, April). Contribution of extra-cerebral and cerebral hemodynamic signals during exercise quantified with time-domain near infrared spectroscopy [Paper]. Optics and the Brain, part of Biomedical Optics 2016, Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States. External link

Auger, H., Bherer, L., Boucher, É., Hoge, R., Lesage, F., & Dehaes, M. (2016). Quantification of extra-cerebral and cerebral hemoglobin concentrations during physical exercise using time-domain near infrared spectroscopy. Biomedical Optics Express, 7(10), 3826-3842. External link


Dehaes, M., Gagnon, L., Lesage, F., Pélégrini-Issac, M., Vignaud, A., Valabrègue, R., Grebe, R., Wallois, F., & Benali, H. (2011). Quantitative investigation of the effect of the extra-cerebral vasculature in diffuse optical imaging : a simulation study. Biomedical Optics Express, 2(3), 680-695. External link


Matteau-Pelletier, C., Dehaes, M., Lesage, F., & Lina, J.-M. (2009). 1/f noise in diffuse optical imaging and wavelet-based response estimation. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 28(3), 415-422. External link

Desjardins, M., Gagnon, L., Gauthier, C., Hoge, R. D., Dehaes, M., Desjardins-Crépeau, L., Bherer, L., & Lesage, F. (2009, January). Application of a multicompartment dynamical model to multimodal optical imaging for investigating individual cerebrovascular properties [Paper]. Multimodal Biomedical Imaging IV, San Jose, California, United States. External link


Dehaes, M. (2008). Quantification en imagerie optique diffuse cérébrale : analyse du signal et étude du problème direct [Ph.D. thesis, École Polytechnique de Montréal]. Available


Dehaes, M., Lesage, F., & Comeau, R. M. (2007, April). MRI/DOI neuronavigation: Revisiting the negative bold signal through diffuse optical imaging [Paper]. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging : From Nano to Macro, Arlington, VA, United States. External link

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