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Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G., Gheribi, A. E., Lafaye, P., Oishi, K., Masse, J.-P., Bousser, É., L'Espérance, G., & Harvey, J.-P. (2024). Synthesis and characterization of (Al,Si)₃(Zr,Ti)-D0₂₂/D0₂₃ intermetallics: Understanding the stability of silicon substitution. Acta Materialia, 262, 119455 (18 pages). Available

Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Oishi, K., St-Germain, L., Ait-Amer, D., & Harvey, J.-P. (2023). The power of computational thermochemistry in high-temperature process design and optimization : part 1 - unit operations. Calphad, 82, 102593 (16 pages). Restricted access

Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Gheribi, A. E., Lafaye, P., Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G., & Harvey, J.-P. (2023, June). Investigation of silicon sublattice substitution within (Al,Si)3Zr intermetallics via DFT simulations [Paper]. 16th International Conference on Modelling of Casting Welding and Advanced Solidification Processes (MCWASP 2023), Banff, Alberta, Canada (8 pages). Published in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1281(1). Available

Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Rincent, C., Gheribi, A. E., & Harvey, J.-P. (2022). On the transferability of classical pairwise additive atomistic force field to the description of unary and multi-component systems: applications to the solidification of Al-based alloys. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 24(37), 22605-22623. Available

Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R. (2022). On the Aluminium Alloy Design Using Molecular Dynamics [Master's thesis, Polytechnique Montréal]. Available


Harvey, J.-P., Gheribi, A. E., Robelin, C., Chartrand, P., Lafaye, P., Oishi, K., & Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R. A virtual laboratory for the aluminum industry [Presentation]. In 50th International Conference on Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry (CALPHAD 2023), Boston, MA, USA. Unavailable


Legrand, U., Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Boudreault, R., Meunier, J.-L., Girard Lauriault, P.-L., & Tavares, J. R. (2022). Fundamental thermodynamic properties of sorbents for atmospheric water capture. Chemical Engineering Journal, 431(part 2), 134058 (8 pages). Available


Rincent, C., Castillo-Sánchez, J.-R., Gheribi, A. E., & Harvey, J.-P. (2023). On the exploration of the melting behavior of metallic compounds and solid solutions via multiple classical molecular dynamics approaches: application to Al-based systems. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25(15), 10866-10884. Available

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